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Adventures in Steamtoid - My latest project, streaming let's plays!


above image shamelessly stolen from the Destructoid LP2 review

So, those of you who know me well will know that I have made a few projects within Steamtoid. My most popular one being the (now officially dead) Steamtoid Minecraft Server. Sorry guys, 64bit windows doesn't like Bukkit!

But moving on, I've now decided on what my next project shall be! Due to encouragement from a few people after sharing the idea around, I shall be doing a few live streaming Let's Plays of games! With my lovely co-host, Shauni! (aka Misstawnii).

My first game that I'll be going through is Lost Planet 2 (PC). Right now what I'm looking for is input, which is why I'm playing a fairly mediocre game for my first live stream. My first stream of the game will feature myself and Shauni speaking over the game, also playing the games audio too. If demand is popular enough, I could set up some sort of picture-in-picture and plug in a webcam for a reaction shot as well? Who knows.

So yeah! If anyone's interested at all, I shall be looking to do about an hour a day at least playing games (I'll put up a schedule at a later date, so don't worry about that). The site for my stream is here, and leave any suggestions here in the comment box, or just drop me a message otherwise.
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