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You know how there was that twitter trend a week ago about game developers' hidden tricks? The person who started that trend wrote a great article summarizing and explaining a lot of them. https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/8/16263050/game-design-magic-trick


This looks slick and I can't wait to find out more about it.


If you could go back 10, 15, 20 years or so and tell yourself one thing about video games (or a video game) today, what would blow your mind the most?


It bugs me whenever people consider objectivity in serious discussions of games/films/books. It makes no sense. Objectivity deals with truth regardless of any opinion. You use objectivity when comparing gas prices, not when comparing Mario games.


Rayman Legends is coming to Switch September 12th for $40!


I was watching the Marvel v Capcom Infinite trailer out of curiosity and spotted the epitome of character design in the background. What even is this? Was he bitten by a radioactive funko pop or something? And look at those thighs!


I don't know if I was being an idiot before, but thank you so much to whoever made seperate links to Qtoid and Cblogs at the top for the mobile version of the site. Happy Sunday all.


It's been almost 50 years since Tiny Tim's first album. Crazy. #Musictoid


Ok why doesn't Nintendo release soundtracks? Is there some legal reason for it?


Limbo and Inside are getting physical releases (PS4/Xbox One) on September 12th for $30! Supposedly includes a poster and an art card.


I've gone back to the Enthusiast Gaming announcement multiple times today just to see all the old faces returning. Holy cow, there are so many great people here!


Question for people who played the original BG&E because I never played it. Did it have cursing to the same degree as the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2? I love how balls to the wall insane it looks, but I thought the language was weirdly jarring.


PSA: The Playstation Flash Sale is killer, and I am using it as an excuse to bring up Mirror's Edge Catalyst for the billionth time. It's $10. Highly, highly recommend. Lame story, but soundtrack/platforming/campaign/atmosphere are all fantastic.


Holy cow, Kid Icarus Uprising came out 5 years ago. Man do I love that game.


I'm still working through Breath of the Wild. The music is sparse, but what's there is so great. I just finished Vah Naboris and discovered this beauty. Gorgeous stuff.


Playing Breath of the Wild and listening to Nujabes in the background is the ultimate peanut butter and jelly combo.


The SSX reboot is almost 5 years old! The music could be disgusting at times and some tracks were more painful than fun, but the core was an absolute blast. Doing backflips and dodging trees with the wingsuit made for some invigorating runs.


I have never played a Dark Souls but it blows my mind how the franchise is less than a decade old and people are constantly using it as a benchmark of sorts. The phrase "This game is the Dark Souls of X" is absurdly common.


I've actually enjoyed reading all the different opinions about Pewdiepie and WSJ. There's so many ways to look at it, but it's just weird how heated people get over it. No matter what you say, someone will be there to push back.


Fun fact. DKC3 has two different soundtracks. Eveline Fischer composed most of the tracks for the SNES version, but David Wise composed all of the tracks for the GBA port. DKCTF actually remixes a lot of the GBA port's tracks as well.


Finished up Pokemon Sun during the bowl. It was good! This was the first Poke I've played since White 2, and it was quite refreshing.


NVGR related in the slightest and I can delete this if too irrelevant, but I've been so obsessed with Bojack Horseman. Everything past Season 1 is a juggling act of comedy and dark, complicated drama. So many thought-provoking lines. Anyone else watch it?


Just finished The Last Guardian. MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Lengthy, spoiler-filled thoughts in comments.


I love how fresh BotW looks. It doesn't look like it's imitating any past titles in particular, yet it somehow still looks like Zelda. So pumped.


Heads up - the MK they showed is MK8 Deluxe and it releases April 28th. Return of regular battle mode, Splatoon characters, and other new courses I think? Weird that they didn't show this trailer during the presentation.


Mirror's Edge Catalyst came out this year. I really love it. Now it's the end of the year and I was hoping someone would mention it, but all I can find is one sentence in a recent Polygon article that applauds that fact that the protagonist is female. :P


I'm finally looking into getting Kirby Planet Robobobobobobot. I really like Kirby. I just didn't enjoy Triple Deluxe all that much, and it looks like Triple Deluxe 2. Yes or no?


Just finished Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Holy cow was it surprising! Went in not expecting much, but came out loving it. Fantastic narrative boosted by the visuals and sound design.


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