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Holy hell first blog post.

I'll be honest I'm just making this to get something up here after finally getting around to filling out my profile page. Anyone enjoying the obscure Chrono Trigger reference? I hope so because it is pretty much the best part of that game, ...


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About Me...I guess

So what to say what to say? I guess I'll begin with how I found Destructoid, though it's not exactly interesting. A friend of mine introduced me to DTOID during a heated game philosophy argument(though I don't remember what we were fighting about). He was citing an article by Anthony Burch and showed it to me, from there I fell in love with this place...as well as all things Ash and Anthony Burch...that's about it.

As for me as a gamer, my first console was my beloved SNES which truth be told is the only reason I survived the chicken pox as a child. To be honest though, while I loved that little grey and purple bundle of joy, I didn't become a true gamer until I discovered it's angrier, greyer nemesis, the PS1. My first PS game was Final Fantasy 7 and I have been a shameless Sony and JRPG fanboy ever since, though my love of games also includes racing games, fighting games(especially SF), non-JRPGs, stealth games, survival horror, MMOs, and who doesn't love a good FPS?

Well that should give you the jist of it.