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Avi The Viking
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About Avi The Vikingone of us since 1:50 PM on 04.09.2008

I play will play any game that has artistic merit as well as a semengly strong and well thought out story line, with perfect integrated graphichs that enhants the games content................... Yeah right! if it blinks, makes a sound and can engade me for more than a nano second then I wil try it, buy it and then burn the bloody T-Shirt. I also enjoy metal, which any piligin and rapeing viking worth his hide or check out your balls at the counter should.

Im a animator by trade (Got my BA degree 8 moths ago) and consider myself to be a devious and macavalian character.

I also find political correctnes obsucur, perverted and posibly the most boring thing on the planet and like emos, thos who practis this form of low common verbal comunication should all be put down (killed) in ways that even the great minds of Ted Bundy and Sade could not fathom or invent.

I have also been known to be nice on ocations, but only in my most drunken of moments.

My favorite gams are as follows (in random order)

Zelda: Ocerina of time
Star Craft
Half life
MGS Seris
Skies of Arcadia
Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2,3,SA and SA2
Super Mario
Bio Schok
Halo(this is just a short abstract of what Would possibly be a veary LONG list of games I think of as my favorit ones)

Playing right now: Mass Effect

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