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My First Review: V Rally 4

I wanted to start with this game because it's a perfect example of why I want to start this blog. V Rally 4 is free for the month of May with Xbox Live Gold, making it incredibly accessible for even the most casual gamer. I'm writing t...


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I grew up reading game reviews by people who devoted their lives to the gaming world. All of their time and effort clearly went into games, which is great, but isn't feasible for the average person. When I grew up and got a job and my own life, I didn't have the time (or the money) to play every game as it came out, but I still wanted to write about the games I was playing. So I made this, a blog about games by the "Average Joe," someone who plays on a normal budget, with a normal amount of time. My goal is to let you know whats worth spending your time and money on, without breaking the bank or destroying your social life.