DeS: Fortnites prize pool for its first year will be a staggering $100 million

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Hello fellow Dtoiders, my name is Auzzy and I have been a part of the Destructoid Community for a while now and decided to make an account and maybe even make a few blogs to express my love for Gaming! I am 14 and I LOVE Gaming, though I only own a Wii, Nintendo DS and an Ipod I still get my share of Gaming by going over to my Friends and Family houses who own just about all the game systems that matter! My Favorite Game System as a child and to this day has always been the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast which has greatly contributed to my love for nintendo and sega today! I think what got me into gaming and many other things is my cousins, who I greatly owe a thanks to, because without them I probably wouldn't have gotten into Gaming, Drawing or Manga. Now a days I play a variety of Games including Fighting, Racing, and RPG's! My favorite Games are Super Smash Bros Brawl, BIT.TRIP BEAT, GEX 64, Banjo Tooie, Jet Set Radio series and so many more I could not possibly name them all. Altogether I'm happy to be a part of the Destructoid Community and hope to have a happy future with this Amazing site!