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About Automatic Grammatizatorone of us since 5:32 PM on 02.16.2010

My real name is... yeah, right, I know better than that.

I am not from your world though. I am from the far flung future, living long after humanity has killed itself off via spite and overpopulation. Specifically, I am a Tiger Zealeye. There, that's all the clues you're getting.

If you dare to call me an "otherkin" or something similarly dubious, you'll just be proving my theories, especially the famous GIFTS one.

See, I know a lot about ancient human history because I am a Data Delver. I'm basically a hacker/archeologist and I explore the ruins of the internet, one of the humans' greatest inventions. The first thing I learned is that humans are bastards. I have a LOT of evidence to support this, starting with all the bastardizations of the Wikipedia model.

If I weren't a Data Delver though, I would have never discovered videogames, one of the finest mediums to ever exist. Before you go off criticizing their violence, play more Klonoa. He's in my avatar for a reason.