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Jolly Rover Adventure Game Trailer

I've been doing some dialoge writing and proofreading work for my friend, Andrew Goulding, on his point and click adventure game, Jolly Rover. After much editing and tweaking, he's got the trailer ready, and here it is: The game is abou...


Into the Wild Blue Yonder...

It's hypnotic. I keep finding that I keep coming back to a game recently. This Wii game sounds like it should be incredibly dull, and bland, and certainly not frightening. How fun could a game based around diving into the ocean and looki...


About AussieBenone of us since 2:18 AM on 07.14.2009

I've been playing games pretty much ever since I can remember. My very first game was Donkey for our Amstrad, followed immediately by Bill Williams' Alley Cat. PC games were a huge influence when I was younger, meaning I played through a lot of great adventure games from Sierra and LucasArts. And of course, 2D platform games, like Commander Keen series (some of my favourites) and Epic's Epic Pinball series (with Enigma being the coolest).

When I was 10, I got my very first Nintendo system, a Game Boy with Tetris, earphones and a link cable. (You know the set.) Played that thing everywhere, I did. My second game, of course, was the surreal but fun Super Mario Land, with Superballs, turtles that EXPLODE when you jump on them, a Mario submarine, and facing off against a SPACE ALIEN at the end.

Truly, it was a work of art.

For a while, I worked for a website Planet GameCube, writing Aussie news and doing game reviews for stuff that people didn't want to touch, like Disney's that's SO Raven and Herbie's Adventures in Monte Carlo: GBA Edition. I also used to write a lot for a website called The Rubber Chicken. That was great fun - highlights include solving the Mystery of the Grimace (we deduced that he's a giant beetroot) and an amazing exposť on Shredder and Krang (as well as Shredder's mother) being the cause for global warming, which turned out to be so popular that the site ran out of bandwidth. Great times.

Having released a puzzle game called MacGuffin's Curse, where you can turn into a redheaded werewolf and freak out bikers, I've now got to decide where I go from here.
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