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Wednesday's broadcast of STO. We started talking and playing Star Trek but it quickly became science fiction talk in general. I had a really good time and I know Ron did, too. Though I think we'd need a full night just to discuss Doctor Who.


Asking for the purpose of writing a table top game: What scares you?


Picking a story up two years after you last looked at it is hard.


See: There's still some people who play tabletop D&D.


No FDF tonight. Doing a geek-in-person night.


What better way to celebrate Professor Tolkien's birthday than by having dinner with the surviving members of Thorin's Company.


My first two hours in Shadows of War


Part two of Letters from Whitechapel.


Played Letters From Whitechapel last night and managed to record the first two parts before the camera gave me the middle finger. Here's part one.


Gonna continue my ME1 Sentinel Run tonight. Planning on broadcasting it. Feel free to drop in and make fun of my play style. Https://mixer.com/aurachad74 8:30 PM EST


Just wandering the North Downs


I just picked up 7 games for $12.45 on gog.com Three classic horror titles (Darkfall Series), the three Krynn "Goldbox" games, and Dragon Age Origins Ultlmate Edition. Now I don't know what I want to play tonight.


Felon Radio/FDF tomorrow night will be in Middle Earth. Either LOTRO or Shadows of Mordor!


Wandering the wilds around Erebor and Dale in Lord of the Rings Online. I waited almost ten years to see this region and I was not disappointed.


Mini video review of AC: Odyssey (and a little bit about tonight's FDF broadcast)


I'm having "D" fatigue in my list. I think I want to skip around a little. So what to play next: Dishonored Eternal Darkness Dragon Age II (if I can't get my hands on 1) Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor Watch Dogs Star Wars Battlefront


Going Live with Chad's Five Dollar Friday 8:30 EST: Tonight is "Path of Exile"


A little low-energy Mass Effect for you. Low energy because I was more than a little tired and someone had broken into my RV; but it's a little Mass Effect for 'ya.


Watch last night's Diablo III action!


For streaming nights join the Felon Discord and join me in the Felon Radio Channel Send me a message and we'll set so you can speak back to me and join in the broadcast! https://discord.gg/mmsjC62


A little exploration. A little combat. A little grinding: No Man's Sky from November 2


Does anyone have any experience with Twitch over Mixer?


Dead by Daylight: Halloween Edition for Chad's Five Dollar Fridays.


What was your first computer game? Was it a roleplaying game? A text adventure? Mine was The Hobbit circa 1985. Text and RGB graphics and it even came with a copy of the novel.


Hey - with doing a Five Dollar Friday mixer broadcast this week I'm up for answering more questions. Got a question for me? Ask away. I'll answer them during the broadcast!


Since I'll be home I plan on doing a Five Dollar Friday. Though I have no clue what.


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