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Project Ranger in Planning Phase


Cmmdr's Report April 17, 3305

I'm not flying tonight; I'm sitting in my berth in Cleve's Hub trying to determine a plan for Project Range. Looking at the great galactic map I am certain I want to strike the region east of the core, going through Circinus Transit and The Norma Expanse/Arm and heading out into the eastern edge of the Milky Way. Well, I guess "east" is a relative term here but you get my meaning.

My first thought is to strike out for Morgan's Rock in NGC 6188 and then strike north east into the black and wrap and eventually wrap around the core and come home via the Colonia route; possibly even stop at Explorer's Anchorage.

My second thought is to follow the path of deep space stations out to Colonia then launch across the core to Explorer's Anchorage and then head due east from there making a counter-clockwise exploration of the east, northeast, north, northwest, west, and southwest portions of the galaxy.

Morgans Rock is 4364.04 LY from my home base in Eravate. I believe I may scout that out soon.

Morning Sun out.

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