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Elite Dangerous: Project Ranger Test Flight Pt 2

Cmmdr's Log 21 April 3305
At 1:03 GMT on 21 April 3305 I departed Cleve's Hub in Eravate in The Orion, my Asp Explorer. My first waypoint desination was Praea Euq ZB-S b31-4 on my way to Morgan's Rock.
It was a quiet run; no interdictions, no aliens, no pirates; just spectacular views of nebulae, star systems, and over a dozen planets not yet discovered by other explorers to my name as well as several planets mapped using the detailed surface scanner.
While I'm not great with the surface scanner yet I am getting better; at least I'd like to think I am.
At 3:28 GMT on 21 April 3305 I arrived at Praea Euq ZB-S b31-4 and was a little disappointed to find it just home to a pair of stars with no planets to make camp on. I proceeded to system Praea Euq EI-Q b32-9 where I landed on a quiet high metallic world that I was able to efficiently map (I AM getting better).
I am 938.72 ly from Eravate, 977.86 ly from Sol, and 3425.4 ly from Morgan's Rock.
Visual record was broadcast back to The Bubble and will be archived and available for re-watching shortly. It can be seen at Project Ranger Test Flight Pt 2 Visual Feed
Morning Sun Out
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