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The d20 System can [do unsavory things] to [parts of my body] OR Ethan Haas is a nerd

Years and years ago, back when Star Wars was unspoiled by the sheer crapitude that would come from the prequels, I used to play the pen-and-paper Star Wars RPG. Actually, I was the GM for it, but still, I was fairly heavily involved in playing pen-and-paper RPGs. For a while, I was without any friends who would agree to playing such an RPG. Recently, I found out that some of my friends in Saginaw used to play a TON of Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and the like, and they want to get a new campaign going with some game they haven't played before. I've been wanting to get back into this kind of thing for a while, and now I'm looking for a good RPG core book to get started with. Here's what I'm looking for:

-A non-d20 System game, because I dislike d20 combat.
-An interesting setting.
-Possibly a superhero-ish setting, because it's easier for me to come up with campaigns for that.
-A game that isn't too rules-intensive.

So far, I'm thinking of either Aberrant, Scion: Hero, the upcoming Alpha Omega, Champions, or even the Authority RPG.

Any suggestions for RPGs or reasons why the above are awesome/terrible would be greatly appreciated.
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