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How to make me reconsider the XBone

This is a re post from one of my other blogs. I figured I'd post it here too, since I don't have any blogs up on this site yet.
Also, I never write blogs, ever. So if you could please excuse the underwhelming quality of this one, that'd be lovely. Thanks.

I'm probably in no position to be speaking my mind, considering how much of an excessive fanboy I tend to be in some situations, but I think it's time for me to start being serious here, for once. I, at the very least, want to express my thoughts and opinions on the Xbox One. Specifically, I want to go over what scenarios could potentially get me to reconsider the system altogether.

If it wasn't obvious already, I'm very unimpressed with the console so far, and I have no intention of wasting my money on it. Though, I'm tying my best to have an open-mind, and I'm will to accept that any positive changes done to the console can affect my conclusions of it.

So, without further to do, here's my very short list of things that'll get me back into the Xbox One...

1.) Games

Okay, this one should be a no-brainer. If it weren't for games I wouldn't be so heavily involved with this industry in the first place. I assume many others are in my position as well. I'm not here for my favorite television programs to be more "accessible." No, I'm here for the games and, basically, games alone. It's what I should expect from a gaming console. If you're not providing this much you can forget having my business.

Like many others, I'm a bit scared, to say the least, of the direction Microsoft is going with their new console. Based off their conference it's almost as if they don't care about games in the slightest this generation. Granted, I know the conference's main intentions were to focus on the console itself, but there were many different ways they could have approached that, and at the same time assured me that games were their number one priority. For example, they could've gone into detail on how their console evolves the gaming experience, but alas, that wasn't the case. Instead we got TV, TV, Sports, and more TV.

Fortunately they did state there were 15 exclusive titles in the making, even though that information was undermined by the slew of other things already mentioned. With these titles we're expecting to receive more info this coming E3. What they might be I'm not sure, but there's always room for speculation. I pray they don't end up being a majority of Kinect games. Nor do I wanna see more FPS games. (To clarify, I don't hate the FPS genre, but I do feel it's overstayed its welcome).

Also, let's try and cut back on some of the more popular IPs, such as the Halo series, and Gears of War. Give them a long needed break, then revive them later on, hyping up their epic return to the gaming scene. And of course make sure they'll be worth the wait, or what's the point, right?

With those 15 titles in the making, 8 of them are going to brand new IPs of their own. This is good news, but as I said before, I'd prefer if they weren't Kinect or FPS related games. What I'd like to see is a variety of genres, ranging from platformers to RPGs. Both of those genres being desperately need in the Xbox's library, as they seem to be very popular genres amongst the community. Make sure these new titles won't be cliche, or "rip-offs" of past titles. It's not an easy task, but try to make them unique in their own way. Try something considered unsafe in this industry; take chances. Whatever the means for these new IPs to accumulate an image of their own.

2.) Ease Up On Gimmicks

When it comes down to this topic, people will argue that certain gimmicks are capable of bringing a higher sense of immersion, increased experience, fun factors, or other forms of luxury on top of the already enjoyable gaming experience. Now, I can't completely disagree with these statements. In many cases they aren't necessarily lying, but basing the entirety of your console around these gimmicks is never a good idea.

Since this list is based around the subject of Xbox brands, let's talk Kinect. Before I get into this, I have to make a confession; I've never used the Kinect myself. Though, I have read countless stories and experiences with the device, so I'm hoping this will be enough to merit my thoughts on the matter.

With the original Kinect it seemed to be plagued as a very picky device. The foremost problem being detection issues, which caused it to not work properly. This is an understatement when you go through all the issues people have dealt with just for it to perform its main purpose, playing games. Overall, in my opinion, it is an unnecessary add-on to the Xbox 360 experience.

With the Xbox One, news has circulated that Kinect is required for the console to function. In this case, all I can to say to Microsoft is, "no." I doubt they'll change their minds with this, considering how much time, money, and effort they put in to making this Kinect 2.0 a reality, but on behalf of the gaming community, and referring back to the original Kinect, we do not want this to be integrated with the Xbox One. On top of that, it only raises the price of the console, being bundled together with the system and all.

Long story short: if you want this device to be a part of your next console, fine, be my guest, but go fool around with it separately. Don't go forcing it upon the rest of us who don't want anything to do with it. Currently the only thing it does is limit the system in many capabilities, and shoots up the price of the console. It also guarantees us we'll see more silly motion controlled applications and games, which, if you haven't caught on yet, a majority of gamers hate.

3.) Dedication to Core Gamers

Before the Xbox One reveal, there were theories online stating some believed Microsoft's intentions were never to cater solely to the gaming community. They went on to say they believed their main objection was to try and monopolize the full entertainment package. Well, the reveal has passed and unfortunately it seems that this has come to fruition.

Now, I've already stated my main purpose for sticking with this industry is because of the games. Though, I'm being completely honest when I say this, I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of more services on my gaming console either. The problem here is when gaming starts to take a back seat. Let's not have this happen.

Like always, history seems to repeat itself. We've seen the direction Microsoft is going before, but under a different company name, Sony. In the past we saw Sony promoting the PS3 as an all-in-one entertainment system. Well, to put it bluntly, the concept flopped. The lack of sales, games, and all around interest in the console was proof of that. Luckily, Sony managed to wake up from their egotistical mindset and pull through in the end. Will Microsoft end up in the same boat? My guess is, probably, if they don't shape up here soon.

What exactly is the answer to this issue, you may ask? It's simple, core gamers. You see, by focusing on the core market you're guaranteeing yourself a following that'll, more or less, give you a steady income, and keep an interest in your products down the line. Just remember to cater to their concerns and interests. You're always free to pursue a broader audience too. As it's never truly been an issue, but only, and I can't stress this enough, as long as those core gamers take top priority. That's it really.

4.) Used Games

Okay, as someone who relies on used games, in more ways than one, it's quite upsetting to hear some of the measures these companies are will to take just to ensure the used games market doesn't thrive. Sadly, a lot of us don't make that much cash. This industry isn't cheap either. We've all seen the prices some of these companies set their games at. This is why most of us rely on used games to get our fill of our favorite pastime.

So, why are these companies trying so hard to undermine us consumers? Money. It is, and always will be about the money. It's to be expected though. They're companies, right? Well, to be honest, yes, I have no gripes with companies just trying to do what they're meant to do. It's when they start getting greedy, per se. That's when we start having trouble.

In this current situation, we've got game companies trying to milk every last dollar out of the consumer. By attacking the used game market, they believe it is their right to receive all the profit that comes with ever used game being sold. Well, that's wrong, and I'll tell you why. You see, when I buy a game brand new, it's mine to do with whatever I please. I purchased the rights to that one copy. Nothing more, nothing less. They no longer own that one copy of the game. They may still own the rights to the title itself, but that's it. If I wanna sell it to someone else I'm allowed to do so. They're not losing money, as it's already been paid for, by me.

You're not doing anyone a favor, but yourselves, by trying to cut the used games market. This not only affects the sale of used games, and the companies who provide used games, but simply renting or letting someone barrow said game becomes a huge hassle. Like I said before, I rely a lot on used games, in more ways than one. If you decide to block out used games, Microsoft, in any fashion, then you might as well hang that noose up now, because it's game over for you.

5.) No "Always-Online"

Call it laziness, but I'm really not in the mood to go too far in-depth with this topic. Just like used games, this topic has been discussed to death. So there really isn't much that I can elaborate on. Also, I don't really have any personal experiences with this. So it's hard for me to get as passionate with this topic like I've done with the rest. This doesn't mean I don't understand the issues that come with always-online though.

So rumors were floating around stating Microsoft's new Xbox would have to be online all the time to function. Technically this turned out not to be true, in a sense. Unfortunately the concept still exists, even after all the explanations. By this I mean it turned out to be an online-centric console anyway. You're still required to have internet connection for a lot of these features Xbox One is offering; most of them being essential for the console to work.

Now some will claim we live in year 2013, and having an internet connection should be a given. Well, sorry to inform you, but you're wrong. To this day people in first world countries continue to lack an internet connection. Some may even have one, but it so spotty it's not worth mentioning. It's pretty self-explanatory why so many people are up in arms about this.

There was also talk of having to activate your games through Xbox Live in order to play them. This Inadvertently makes it a requirement to have an internet connection. That is, if you wanna play video games, which is what I'd assume you'd want to do. I can tell this would be a deal breaker for many, including myself. I do own a decent internet connection, but knowing there's a chance that it might one day go out, for whatever reason, is enough for me to steer clear of the Xbox One.

I suggest Microsoft do away with any one of these scenarios that'll cause grief for many people hampered by online requirements. If they don't they'll just alienate their fans/consumers. The cons outweigh the pros. I'm not sure how I could possibly make it any clearer to them. Unless they just don't care, which I'm starting to think might be the case.

In conclusion, having these concerns addressed would definitely get me more interested in the new Xbox One. There's still plenty of other issues I have with the console, but nothing causing me to completely shun it from existence. I can't say this will apply to anyone else who's also skeptical, but I'd like to think I covered some of the more important matters on the table.
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