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E for Effort: Borderlands

Last summer was depressing. I had spent most of my time concealed in my bedroom whilst the sun blarred outside from behind my torn blinds. I have never been a very popular chap and the people that I did have and were interested in spendin...


I've just seen the most surreal ad.

Oh dear what have they done this time? I don't even know what to say, partially as I'm exhausted, but it's so weird. It's so unusual for me to catch a game ad on TV and to see this it's just, frickin' stupid. So many questions! Why is th...


Small hello.

Hello there Dtoid chaps. For almost a year I have been 'lurking' around Dtoid with little more than a comment or two, but now I'd like to contribute to this wonderful comunity that has kept me informed and entertained for some time now as t...


My expertise: Single player

Back in the 90's I was growing up around two of the best commodities a kid could have hoped for, the Megadrive (Genesis in America) and the Nintendo 64. Although the technology was so simple and the graphics so primative, they managed to ...


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Hello there.
My name is Jack and I come from the up-side down world of Great Britain.

I have a passion for videogames and have been hooked ever since I got my hands on a Mega-drive when I was three. I have a number of interests for which I won't go into much detail, but for one thing is music. I don't have any specific tastes opting rather to go with 'whatever sounds good', but at the moment I am hugely into Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and The Beatles.