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Playing With Brothers


When I was young I could single out the very best thing about my brother; he could play videogames with me. Long nights were spent passing the controller around causing mindless mayhem in Grand Theft Auto, button mashing each other to death in Super Smash Bros, tag teaming Donkey Kong Country. The list could go on. Without my brother videogames would have been lonely and boring. I can't imagine playing Mario Party without him. Multiplayer or lack thereof could make or break a game. Before the days of Xbox Live we all played together, with friends, and having a brother was the best thing you could wish for. He was no slouch either. For every first place finish in Mario Kart he would destroy me in Clay Fighter. I beat the Water Temple; he collected all 120 stars. Every time I claimed victory he managed to steal it away from me.

Almost every game I experienced in my childhood was with my brother. We brought literal meaning to the word "bromance". Nothing really comes close to those days where we enjoyed the golden age of split screen gaming. Even mainly singleplayer affairs like Banjo-Tooie were laced with the sweetness of multiplayer madness. Blasting through Halo or Gears of War today brings back faint memories of the multiplayer behemoth known as the Nintendo 64.

Behold the holy grail of my childhood.

I got my first "M" rated game when I was eight. It was Quake 2. Those blocky and pixelated strogg ran at us and drove fear up our spine. I don't think either of us could have taken up the challenge alone. Hiding under blankets we would take turns running through the muddy textured space frigates and avoiding those horrible corpses buzzing with flies. We ended up completing it as a team. Multiplayer fared even better; we fragged and blew each other into oblivion. Perhaps this will do as an excuse for petty crime or arson when I inevitably become a criminal after this exposure.

Even online games are no sanctuary from us. We breached World of Warcraft like a bullet, ready to quest together. This fundamentally alters the way we both play. No more looting things we may not need or hoarding food and money. Both gold and equipment flowed freely unlike anything I have ever seen. We helped each other to buy mounts and to grow levels. The game wasn't the same without both of us and neither was it any fun. After time we lost interest in the game but with the two of us playing together it was fun while it lasted and that is something I never imagined myself saying after playing World of Warcraft previously.

Passing controllers to take turns riding Epona (that sounds so funny now) is a personal favorite.

Gaming with a brother taught me valuable life lessons as well. Every gift we ever had was for both of us. Every game we had was shared without hesitation -- it was always like that, there was no his or mine, there was only ours. So share we did and continue to today. Up to this day he plays all of the consoles and games I buy even more than I do!

My brother was and still is an integral part of enjoying videogames. Don't get me wrong -- I greatly enjoy playing games on my own but there is something about playing videogames with my brother that can never be replaced by playing with strangers or bots. I assume that is obvious to us all.
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