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About Atemzone of us since 12:01 AM on 01.23.2010

Nothing much to say, im your.average college gamer who happens to spend a bit too much time on teh internetz and decided to finally fill up this damn thing. I like watching crappy horror movies, going out every now and then, random manga series, playing piano, reading, and more boring stuff like that.

ANYWAYS YEAH, VIDEOGAMES!!. Zelda is my favorite franchise ever, and yeah, im a Nintendo fanboy, lolz. Still, I do like playing both 360 and ps3 games, even if i think that Sony was created by Satan. Im a music kind of guy, so i love stuff like Guitarooman, Parappa, DJ MAX, Ouendan and EBA, even if it makes my fingers scream and my ds screen cry in pain. Clever games like Portal and Bioshock (Well, 1 and Infinite) should be done way more often than they are, and Reggie Fils-Aime is an obnoxious douchebag in my humble opinion, unlike corgis, which are awesome.

So yeah! That pretty much sumaryzes my stand about videogames (and corgis), so i will stop here. Tnx and gratz for venturing into my profile and reading this awefully written wall of text. <3