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Get in my podcast: Tales of Sandboxerus!

Good day once again Destructoid. I am Astonishingly BAdass, and I'm here to ask you a question; Is a man not entitled to the sweat from his br... no wait, sorry, wrong script. This is the one for my underwater kingdom of nutbags and think-wrongs.

No, instead, I come to you with a proposition. I have been toying with the idea for some time, and I believe the Destructoid community would make a good home for it. A new game related podcast!

Yes, another one.

But wait, there's more! This would not be a podcast which would talk about games. This would be a podcast where you enter the game, come face to face with the fiercest adversarys, explore the most dangerous lands, and probably end up dead.

What I propose is an audio version of a Dungeons and Dragons-esque role playing game, recorded for an audience, where three or so players and myself as dungeon master embark on an epic quest filled with the protaganists, antagonists and NPC's of video games. The world will be a mish-mash of many different game worlds; Vice City crossed with Morrowind, Olympus, the Halo, Racoon City and City 17 for example.

Any confident and mic-owning community members who would like to get involved, please comment below, because I reckon this could be fun!

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