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Disgaea DS: Best RPG On The DS?


Alright, so I haven't played the game for long at all, I've just played a couple of hours probably, but I can safely say this is one, if not the best, rpg for the DS. If you havent played any of the other Disgaea games ( 1-2 for the PS2, a remake of the first one on the psp, and the recently released third game for the PS3) You should really give the DS one a try. Its a remake of the first one for the PS2, just like the PSP one, with a little added features and characters.


Well, the main character of the story is a little demon kid named Laharl. He is the son of the Overlord of the Underworld, King Krichevskoy. The game starts off with Etna, who is this cute castle vassal, trying to break open Laharl coffin to wake him up. He eventually wakes up and Etna informs him he's been asleep for 2 years and that his father is dead. So the little prince decides to reclaim the thrown and become King of the Underworld. That's just the start of it, don't want to give anything away. D: But trust me, the dialogue is amazingly well written, and really funny.


The game is a Tactical RPG but it has so many unique features that make it probably the most hardcore TRPG out there. There are things like this Item World, where you actually go into an item ( from swords, to healing items) and actually level the item up from there. You go through different floors, taking on baddies on the way. Every tenth floor is a level up for the item if I recall correctly. There's another little part to this mode which can actually determine if the item sucks or is amazing.

There are characters in the Item World which are good, they call them specialists. So, some items might have a job title when you check it out in the status screen, it might say something like, "Gladiator" or "Teacher". That means that in that item, there are specialists which can boost up your stats according to the job title. For example, a gladiator might help raise your attack. So once you meet up with these specialists in the Item World, you take them on until they submit and then they will power up the item in which they inhabit. The Item World is also the place to get some other rare items and weapons.

Another major part of the game is The Dark Assembly. In here, you create new characters as pupils for your existing characters using mana. You can acquire some mana for defeating enemies. The tougher your opponent, the more mana you get. The only character that gets the mana though is the one who actually lands the final blow on the enemy. There are lots of different characters you can create using mana points, and you unlock more characters to create by defeating them in battle or just by leveling up a certain class. There's more things to do in The Dark Assembly but I don't want to go too in depth. This post is long enough as it is.

Another important part of the gameplay are the Geo Panels. Geo Panels are colored areas in some of the maps that have their own effects I guess. They are activated by the Geo Symbols that are on one of the colored panels. I really cant explain it too good -.- But lets say a Geo Symbol that increases your defense by 50% is on one of the red Geo Panels, then it would be a pretty good idea to try and stay on some of the red panels. There's a lot more to it, but again, I don't want to get to in depth.

You can also throw exploding penguins at people...

Graphics and Sound

There are a lot of people who are downplaying the DS version cause they say the graphics arent that good and cause the sound is "horrible". I have no idea what theyre talking about with the graphics. I think the game looks amazing on the DS, of course its not going to be as good as the PS2 or PSP'S graphics but they do a really good job. I've heard somewhere that ign said the sprites arent as good as FFTA or some other DS games but I'm pretty sure these sprites are probably the best sprites on the DS as of yet. The only problem I might have with the graphics is that it might be a little too dark/grey, but it doesn't really bother me. Check out the video below for some cool gameplay.

I have to agree with some people about the sound though. Its not awful, but its pretty low. It gets kind of annoying, but whatever. Another problem people seem to be having with the sound is that there isn't full voice acting. I really dont care about the voice acting, its cool that they still have some of it though. I dunno why people keep trying to compare the sound to the PS2 or PSP'S sound. They did a really good job bringing the graphics and sound from a PS2 game and putting it on the tiny DS.


TONS. People devote SO much time into this game its insane. There's so much to do and see. Whenever you get to beating the actual game, there are multiple endings to give it a bit more length. The DS game also has multiplayer which just lengthens it even more. I cant wait to kick my friends ass with my party. This game will last you an extremely long time if you give it a chance, you most likely have already though, since everyone loves this game. Please do yourself a favor and pick this game up if you're into RPG'S. You cant go wrong with it.

My Final Score: 9
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