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About AskACapperone of us since 11:39 AM on 09.29.2010

My name is Chuck Bittner I'm a quadriplegic gamer and stand up comic (okay I'm the can't stand up comic). I love to laugh and giggle a lot! I have a petition to the game industry asking for "Custom Button Remapping" to be added as a standard in all future games and or into the consoles themselves.

My comedy routine:

You can read the FAQ here:

I grew up on atari 2600, NES, SNES, Master system, Sega Genesis, Saga CD & TurboGrafix 16... I played games before it was cool to be a gamer! (why was I born so early curse you timing). I love that girls rock gaming now back in the day if I told my friends I was going to play video games with a girl it ment I was going to go rub one out!

Favorite Things I Watch? Firefly, Arrested Development, Mad Men, Futurama, Family Guy, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, The Pacific, Band Of Brothers, The Office, AskANinja, Homestarrunner.com, Childrens Hospital and more!

I love CoD and MAG but I love Nazi Zombie the best. Okay enough about me how are you?