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This Week in Ashley Art: Less art, more gifts!


Hey doods! Unfortunately, I don't have too much art to show you this week on account of a lot of exciting things that went on! I spent most of my time playing games, working on a painting for pixelpunx (which I will show off at a later time!), almost dying (see Podtoid for details), and getting hired on by the wonderful Togail's design studio, Raven Harbor! But I guess it's a good thing that I don't have so much stuff of my own to show off this week, because it gives me some room to display a few of the things I've received so far in exchange for my drawings!

First, here is the Lolo amigurumi that JusticeDude made me in exchange for the Jill/Morrigan drawing shown here last week. Let me tell you, he is absolutely amazing; he's very well made, and even stands up on his own, despite his roundness. I encourage everyone who loves cute things to check out the others he has made on his DeviantArt account. I'm sure he'll make you one too if you ask nicely!

Secondly, good 'ol Diverse sent me Mystical Ninja 64 out of the kindness of his heart (or willingness to learn my address, I'm not sure which), which I got in the mail the same day as Lolo. I have already lived my childhood dream of completing the game in its entirety. See, it was my favorite N64 game, but the only place I ever found it was in the rental store. So I would rent it nearly every weekend, and only ever got to play the beginning parts over and over because I didn't have a memory card. I still don't have one, but after keeping the N64 on for two days straight, I got to the end! I think I still love the game as much as I ever did. One of the best N64 games, in my opinion.

Okay, this one wasn't actually from anyone, but I wanted to show my Little King's Story preorder bonus off. This little guy is an Onii, possibly one of the cutest enemies to ever appear in a game. He is a stress reliever, but I can't stand to squeeze that precious little head. Oh, and Little King's Story is great as well.

Group shot of my new stuff sitting among my older accumulated crap. Lolo and Prinny are best friends!

Okay, now we can finally get to the art!

This piece is another commission from Bwark-Kupo. He wanted me to do something for a friend of his who is in the hospital; specifically, make him into Ephraim from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. So I did! I tried to make it as majestic as I possibly could. I'm especially proud of the horse, as I haven't drawn one in years, and they used to give me a lot of trouble.

Next, here is the samurai that Yojimbo has always wanted! He either fell asleep while meditating, or is vigilant enough to sleep halfway up. He'll snap awake and to his feet when the time calls for it, I'm sure!

Lastly, here is another K.K. Slider album cover. Yes, I like K.K. a lot... what of it?

I promise I'll have more done next week! :< But I hope you enjoy what's here now.
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