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This Week in Ashley Art: Bunnies, raccoons, and elves!


Apologies for the absence last week. I figured that Destructoid's downtime would last a lot longer than it did, but while I was off playing videogames and figuring, "No one's on Dtoid right now!", people were on Dtoid right then. So let's just go ahead and light this candle.

You might have seen Togail's mindblowingly amazing drawing of a Night Elf earlier this week. He is looking to offer custom illustrations of WoW characters through his company. In addition to his style, I drew the same 'toon to give a second option; WoW characters drawn in my much more simplistic and cute style. The following is my interpretation of the same Blood Elf hunter.

Next is another piece I did for a Raven Harbor client. She wanted a cute, nerdy tattoo in my cute style. I was given a lot of creative freedom with this, and was having a little trouble focusing my direction. Then I saw Mikey's Tanooki Suit Mario and became inspired! I doodled a very serene Tanooki Mario of my own, and surrounded him with all of the other items of power in Mario 3's world. Yeah, I know I'm missing the P Wing, but I drew all the other items first and couldn't squeeze it in. Ah well. The client was very happy with the outcome, and hopefully, I'll get an update when she has the ink done.

I did this small, cute portrait for Molotov Cupcake, who is going to use it as a profile image on Spawn Kill one of these days. She's also currently using it as her Twitter avatar. :D

Lastly, here is the painting that I made for pixelpunx's wife (which is today!) as a birthday gift. It is a portrait of their two rabbits, Beatrice (the large white rabbit who has a mohawk) and Jean-Claude (the little brown guy). I really liked how it turned out, and reportedly, the wife was majorly happy with the gift. :) Hooray!

That's all for this week, but I will leave you with a question. I'm looking to get into Munny customization, and I want to make some videogame characters out of them. Who would you want to see Munny-ized? My first project is already underway, so hopefully it'll turn out as great as I think it will and you'll see it here soon!
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