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April Fool's!

So, april fool's is coming in T-minus 3 days. but what are you gonna do all day? you're gonna pull some mad pranks on unsuspecting friends, that's what! here is a simple list of some pranks you might want to try out!

-Go to your friend's microsoft word. Find the tool for auto replacing words and make it replace all instances of the word "the" with something wacky such as "long-necked giraffe." your friend will have no idea what's going on!

-if you or anyone you know has one of those water sprayer things attached to your kitchen sink, tie a very tight rubber band around the press handle. then, position the head so it's pointed directly at anyone who uses the main faucet handle. they'll get a surprise spray when they go to use the sink for any purpose!

-if you know anyone who's going on a road trip, replace their iPod or other music playing device with an identical one, identical except all the music on it is music they absolutely cant stand! they'll have no choice but to deal with the ever-changing stations along the way to their destination!

-borrow your friend's well trained dog and somehow teach it to respond violently to the phrase "Good Dog." talk about being unable to take a compliment!

-throw red paint indiscriminately all around your friend's room. when they come back in, tell them PETA managed to break into the prankee's house and was angry that their consumerist lifestyle is built upon the broken bodies of other God's loved creations. a classic!

-this one may take a bit of preparation and investment. convince your friend's parents to fake a nasty car crash and go into hiding for 15 years. then, on the april fool's 15 years after this one, have them casually stroll into the prankee's current residence and ask how their day went. be careful neither parent actually dies in the intervening 15 years or all your hard work will go to waste!

-a twist on an old prank. balance a bucket on top of a partially opened doortop, but instead of filling it with something boring like water or glue (everyone expects that), put something really crazy like scorpions, boiling tar, HF acid, or coconut syrup! brilliant!

-arrange for your friend to win a free trip to Hawaii or some other pleasant vacationing spot. Halfway there, have the pilot (who is also in on the prank of course) pretend to be hijacked and fly to Antarctica, then crash-land the plane in such a way that return is impossible. Your friend will have loads of fun freezing his ass off in sub-zero temperatures while awaiting rescue!

-call out a hit contract on your friend and make it very clear their life is in constant danger. then, when their life is flashing before is eyes, the hitman's Magnum pointed squarely between his eyes, your friend's mouth only able to contribute incoherent half-words, the moment of truth, jump out from the shadows and yell as loud as you can "April Fool's!" Studies have shown the hitman would definitely not carry through with the assassination if you do this and your friend will be too busy laughing to stay mad for long!

-start by burning your friend's house down. then steal their identity, cancel all his bank account, spread vilifying rumors about them throughout all their other friends and family, ruin their reputation by putting a few rap sheets to his name, and deny all their health care access. Then, as the prankee lays broken and alone begging for some money to keep their ribs from meeting his spine, walk up to them, give them a dollar, and tell them April Fool's! if you hear through their parched and cracked lips the first sounds of laughter they've made in a very long time, you know your prank was a success!

-convince your friend that everything around him is unreal and that all the people he knows are simply electrical signals firing throughout his brain, which is itself fictional. then, in the depths of their existential despair, it should be very easy from there to convince them to go on a law-defying rampage with a shotgun and a bottle of cheep booze. when the bodycount rises high enough, run out to them and let them know you were joking the whole time and that they just got pranked! careful though, they may not believe you at first since you may appear to be nothing more than another lie they've had to endure, so be sure to wear strong bullet-proof protective gear to reduce risks!

If you try out any (or all if you're feeling feisty!) of these hilarious pranks, I'm sure you'll have a great april fool's day that all your friends will remember for years to come. Merry Pranking!
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