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Evil Within Trailer Reaction

Iíve currently been having internet issues recently and Iíve had no internet for the past week. Finally after 7 days I was back online and the first thing that popped up a trailer for ĎThe Evil Within Generic Horror Titleí Iíll ignore the generic title for now, I got more interesting things I can be ranting on, but my eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning when I saw Bethesda was teaming up with Shinji Mikami (the guy who made Resident Evil 4 THE ONLY GOOD RESIDENT EVIL GAME) to make a survival horror game. So with glee in my mind, I click on the trailer and what I saw was pure sadness.

I just want to ask who was the guy that manages to convince Bethesda to make a movie trailer for a game, because that guy could sell snow to Eskimo. But really, WHY DID YOU MAKE A MOVIE TRAILER FOR A GAME? WHY IT IS ONLY GAMES CAN DO THIS, MAKE A MOVIE TRAILER INSTEAD OF A GAME? ARE THEY SO SCARED TO SHOW US THIS SLIENT HILL CLONE? Lets just reverse the rolls, instead of a real time trailer with real actors showing off their real talent in the trailer to La Miserable but instead they did an Adventure Time esk animated trailer for it, people would think their bloody mad but here we are watching a bad horror movie trailer when we should be watching a game trailer.

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