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Top 10 Comic Book/Manga Games! - AsaiNeroTran

Over 9000 hours of deliberating later, this is our list. Did your favorite comic book/manga game make the cut? This video was sponsored by DoubleJump! Go to for all your video game needs. Digging the music? Che...


Spoiler Alert Podcast Abridged - "Pizza Break!"

A joke podcast from Myke and Asai! Join Asai, Myke, and a special guest every month for 30 to 60 minutes of gaming talk! No topic is off limits, because, as the name of the show implies, there can (and will) be spoilers! Follow us on Tw...


Pokemon Snap - The Game Corner

A picture is worth a thousand words. A Pokemon? Priceless. Follow us on Twitter! @AsaiNeroTran @TheMichaelMann Like us on Facebook! Subscribe to Asai's channel! ...


Top 10 Video Game Worlds to Live In

Where should YOU live your life like a Kamehameha? Follow me on Twitter! @AsaiNeroTran Like me on Facebook! Thanks to Sarah for the new microphone and to Tony for the new laptop! They both worked wonders!


Foul Play (PC) - Review

Thanks to Vicki Thompson and the rest of the gang at Mediatonic for being so warm and supportive! Foul Play is Mediatonic's latest game. But does it steal the spotlight or does it have a bad case of stage fright? Follow me on Twitter! @...


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Hey, I'm Asai Nero Tran. =] Improviser, actor, voice actor, amateur film maker, gamer, vegetarian, Assistant Director of Awesome, and an all-around nice guy. Pleased to meet you. ^_^

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