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Technical Difficulties: The Difficulty Conundrum

The question of difficulty in video games (and non-electronic games as well, for that matter) is closely related to the term challenge. I would argue that a game has to be challenging to be enjoyable. Note that challenge should be underst...


The Death of Gameplay

Or: They just don’t make’em like that any more Videogames, as we all know, are quite the success story: In only about fifty short years, they developed from a fringe phenomenon to the multi-billion dollar industry and the world’s favorite ...


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My name is Christoph, and when I'm not playing my brains out I'm a part-time student of communication studies at the University of Vienna. I am 24 years old and have been playing video games my whole life. They are not only favorite pastime, but also my primary object of study: I have written several papers on various issues concerning video games, video game culture, video game effects and design. Momentarily, i am writing my master thesis on the connections between the video game business and war.

Please bear in mind that english is not my primary language; I WILL make mistakes, for which I want to apologize in advance.