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Battle Poll #1: Snake vs. Ryu!

This is the first ever Battle Poll! This is where there are 2 video game characters fighting and you get to vote who wins. I will (hopefully) make one of these every 2 weeks. For the first one I wanted something different than the usual Mar...


Random Game Quiz No. 1

I decided that about once a week I would make a quiz about random games and this is the first one. The questions are multiple choice and are about different games. There are 10 in this quiz. The first person to get them all right gets a poi...



Hello, I am Artix as you may already know. I have been reading posts on destructiod for about 5 months now but I just joined today so I did not seem like such a community n00b. I am a fan of just about all of Nintendo's first party titles (...


About Artix Luminone of us since 1:08 AM on 02.22.2008

Hello, I am Artix Lumin. I am a fan of just about all of Nintendo's first party titles (My favorite is the Mother/Earthbound games) and just about all RPGs (such as SMRPG, Chrono Trigger, and Breath of Fire 2). I only have Nintendo consoles and a pc because I am a cheap ass.

Consoles I own:
Gameboy advance
Gameboy Color