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Yakuza Guy with Shotgun vs. Police

This is almost the most awesome video ever. This happened in 1992. Some Yakuza guy has a shotgun. He strikes fear into the hearts of the police because they don't shoot him even though he's outnumbered. They don't show it but he gets ...


SSBB Coverage: Everybody Hates Ike!

I'm too good for media coverage... Where is Ike? I've seen game-play trailers and new screen-shots all over the place. Haven't seen Ike at all. I blame it on Sonic! Maybe...people see his blue, messy hair and think..."sonic....more sonic...


CLANNAD: Grey Hair

CLANNAD is this new show - one everybody's talking about. I usually try to avoid those shows with the monster sized, probably telescopic eyeballs. But I threw caution to the wind here and went ahead bit the bullet. CLANNAD is produced by...


Fire Emblem DS: WHO IS THIS GUY?

See that guy? HE LOOKS STRIKINGLY FAMILIAR TO ME! I WONDER WHERE I HAVE SEEN HIM OR WHAT HIS NAME IS!? Saracasm aside, I'm really digging the new Fire Emblem and Advance Wars for DS. I like this new gritty and (more) mature style and fee...



So I see this trailer the other night from TGS for this game called Operation: Darkess. As I'm watching it, I'm thinking...Hidden & Dangerous...Advance Wars...Resident Evil...Call of Duty...Final Fantasy... I then decided to do something...


TGS 2007: Rygar: The Battle of Argus

Ahh! Our first glimpse at the Rygar for Wii. I will go ahead and be honest and say I am somewhat impressed. Some of the cut-scenes, animations and the voice over work left more to be desired but the gameplay ... THE GAMEPLAY looks pretty ...


Shining Wind Gameplay Trailer

Another JRPG for PS2? You better believe it! These days, even with a heated next-gen battle going on, japanese game developers still manage to pump out these suckers. You'd think, on a playing field where you can get JRPG's for a dime-a-d...


Is Japanator Next?

We've been hearing about Destructoid's site overhaul for quite some time. We've been hearing about Japanator's overhaul even longer. Now that Destructoid is at Porter's, getting washed and ironed out to look nice and pretty. Yet, I wonder ...


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