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Billy Mays calls out Vince (NVGR)

About a month I started a poll on the forums to help me settle a bet with a couple pals. The argument started while watching tv with a couple of friends when back to back commercials of Billy Mays selling mighty putty and Vince selling sh...


LNL: Voldo is a Smooth Criminal

I've seen a lot of choreographed game dances in my day, but this has to be the most elaborate I've ever seen. It seems Voldo of Soul Calibur has more in common with Michael Jackson then just his love for boys.


GTA 4 DLC Dated and Discussed

Rockstar will be leaving Niko behind in the upcoming GTA DLC entitled "The Lost and Damned". 360 players will take the roll of Johnny Klebitz a member of the biker gang The Lost (Remember you chased down one of them and killed him for me...


Greatest DS game ever

Forget Chrono Trigger DS. Screw Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk. Throw away Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents because a truly innovative game is finally coming out on the DS. I had heard rumors that I cautiously filed under "To good to be true...


NVGR/NSFW-ish: Censor Bar art

Facts about this video: 1. About a dozen naked chicks (w/ censor bars, sadly) 2. A few naked dudes (w/ censor bars, thankfully) 3. Lots of dancing 4. Censor bars used to create funny shapes 5. Pretty decent music


The Several Journeys of Remus

I have many passions in my life, one of which is playing flash games at work. A couple of days ago when I should have been drawing roof trusses or foundation details I stumbled onto a new game called The Several Journeys of Remus. It...


15 best video game stories ever

It's been featured on Digg, it's graced the pages of Kotaku, and now Gamesradar's list comes to the Dtoid Cblogs, the 15 best video game stories ever. I was pleased to find that I own 14 of the 15 games, meaning that even thought my most ...


I am now more British than Jim Sterling

Forget the fact that I was born, raised, and continue to live in California, I just bounded past Jim Sterling on the Pip Pip Cheerio scale, officially becoming more British than him. The reason you ask? Well that would be my new glass mo...


Just got my MGS4 preorder dvd! w/ pics

After hearing that some people are starting to get the Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 I quickly called my local gaming store and sure enough they had got them in. Before I watch it and fall asleep I wanted to post some pictures for my fellow dtoid...


GTA 4 trailer analysis

The guys over at 1up have taken a closer look at the newest GTA 4 trailer and at parts go frame by frame showing things that you would normally miss. Check it out.


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