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Why Sony's NGP/PSP2 Will Not Fail


Samit Sarkar made some fair points in his article; Why Sony's PSP2 (NGP) will fail.

Before I say anything else, let me list a disclaimer, I think it will depend more on the price than any argument either Mr. Sarkar or myself can make. I still think the 3DS has to sell itself better to me for it's $250. I will reserve judgment on the NGP until the price is announced.

The amusing thing about the 3DS is that it's lineup seems to have an awful lot of console based games, something Mr. Sarkar uses against the NGP for (specifically he muses that people dont want the console experience on a handheld). Ocarina of Time came out in 1998 for N64, MGS3 was a console game for the PS2, and yet the possibility is ignored that the 3DS offers a similar experience to the NGP, if one that switches graphics out for glasses-less 3D. My problem is that you seem convinced, without any real evidence, that the NGP will fail because it offers a console experience. The problem is that from what I have seen of the 3DS, the 3DS offers the same thing, just with older games in a new light (not a bad thing per se).

I personally trust both Nintendo and Sony to get it right. They're both very good at what they do and myself and many others loved each company's last handheld. I think the Price will be the thing that makes or breaks the PSP2, as I'm still unsure if the 3DS will be able to succeed at its current price point, but I wont get into that discussion now (or later really, I want them both to succeed). I will personally be buying both, though I might wait for the eventual 3DS Lite, but to write off the NGP for the reasons listed above seems very narrow minded.

I will grant you the cell phone market is a tough nut to crack, but a portable PS3 in your pocket should be enough to differentiate the device, especially because the fully functional dual analogs on the NGP defeat any comparative controllers on many of the Smart Phones (the one possible exception is the "PSP Phone" from Sony Erickson. As a sidenote, I view the PSP Phone as the only true threat right now to the NGP from the Cellphone market, due to it's control scheme. I know if I didn't love my iPhone so much, I would be getting that. Still the NGP is aimed at a different market sect. I'm sure part of the plan is for Sony to draw fans away from the cellphone gaming market, but they are also aiming it at gamers, who want a fully fleshed out experience on the go.

Why should we settle for simplistic games on the go like Angry Birds? It is a great game to be sure. But I find it hard to believe that the prospect of a fully playable Uncharted game on the go is anywhere near a negative for a system. We've been collectively dreaming of a full console experience on handhelds since the Gameboy came out. Now we have the opportunity to finally have our miniaturized consoles, and people are arguing that it is a bad thing? The advantage here, is that the NGP, and the 3DS as well, are at a point where they are the perfect blend, despite the touchscreen and 3D gimmicks. Both Systems are poised to allow us the experiences of all gaming worlds, from the quick and casual of a mobile game, to the quirky yet refined goodness of a core handheld, to the fully fleshed out experience of a console.
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