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Games for Good

Hey guys and gals, Archenman here
This is my first blog and I made it for what I think is worth talking about.
That is James Portnow's campaign called "Games for good", which is essentially to scream to the world that games are not "not bad" but good for humanity.
For this he is starting a RocketHub (kinda kickstarter) campaign to make this happen. 
Here is the link http://www.rockethub.com/projects/25243
So go there and at least hear the video.

BTW, for those who don't know, James is the brain of Extra Credits, a weekly show at Penny Arcade that tackles gaming community issues and gaming design issues, cool stuff.
Also they made a video with better audio quality about this project.

Well, give it a watch and, even if you can't give money, at least share with others this magnificent opportunity for our beloved media. 

PS: I am not afiliated to those guys, just really thought it was a cool idea.
PPS: I don't know if anyone else already posted this, anyway, the more the better.
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