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“Game experience may change during online playing”

Today a friend told me that there were some guys on WOW level 70 killing themselves by drowning in the water because “they hate WOW” , the first thing on my mind was :”well isn’t that stupid?” ,
And is not because I play WOW and like the game , is because of the fact that if you don’t like the game you stop playing and paying for an account and stop wasting you money and time.

So yeah some people just don’t like a game because they had a bad experience or is just not the kind of game they like, but do we even think about the notice that says : “Game experience may change during online playing”?

Not everyone has a good online gaming experience it all depends of the server and the people like every community ,and all depends of the attitude that people takes sometimes.

An example is when we play a shooter game like COD4 or Halo , sometimes players are aggressive that actually makes the game more interesting in my opinion; But sometimes there’s just a guy that runs away from you every time you shoot at him and maybe for him is :“wow am having a ball running away from this dude every time eh tries to kill me! :D lol suckeeerrrrr ”
While am like: “ what a fag ! why eh doesn’t turn around and fights back?! >:O AGHHRRRR!” then eh gets owned by my grenade.

This is just a very stupid example , but you guys get it don’t you?

So I know I’m not the only one that gets criticized by an other gamer when I say I play certain game and eh starts to tell me how that game sucks and why I should not play it and how you fail because of playing it ,well I don’t really care but it is annoying when someone does that.

But we know that is useless to discuss with someone that has different game experience than me while playing an online game , still i like to try.
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