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Dtoid UK invades the Capcom Xmas Party


Over the weekend Dtoid UK were lucky enough to be invited to the first ever Capcom Europe Community Christmas Party in Roxy's Bar on good old London Town. After all, nothing says Christmas more then Santa hats, video games, good friends and an open bar! Good times were had, new games were played, loud noises were made (mostly while having sex...mostly) and lots and lots of booze was drunk. I'd say we had more than ten shit loads of Amaretto and Cranberry which seems to be the unofficial drink of Dtoid UK. It may not be the most manly drink but hell if it tastes like red slush puppies than I am all over that!

The event started off on a very high note with some great swag bags. (picture stolen from Nikmonroe, who stole it from Atheistium from Console Monster)

3 t-shirts, a SARS zombie face mask, 2 figures and lovely bag means we were all very happy from the get go! The "Capcom is for life" t-shirt is especially awesome since it was made specifically for the party. Only 50 or so were made and they are dated as well. There were also raffle tickets in each bag as well and this is where Capcom start to show how fucking ace they truly are. EVERY SINGLE PERSON who came to the party won a prize.

Now while most of us won a bowl of Monster Hunter branded instant ramen, a few lucky Dtoiders managed to win some epic stuff.

Atheistium managed to score some Monster Hunter rice cakes while her friend got one better and won herself a Lost Planet 2 salamander plushy.

ThePhil won himself a light up Dark Void statue (so jealous!)

Hammerteim is now the proud owner of a pair of signed Monster Hunter earphones and NJ looks like he's going to enjoy that Monster Hunter ramen in his hands later.

The real winner of the raffle goes to Gandysampras who now owns a signed and framed Street Fighter 4 cell of Seth (Mega Jealous!).

Christmas really had come early. Gandy literally would not let go of that cell all day and seeing the joy on his face when he opened it and saw what it was he was holding is what Christmas is really all about.

Now it wouldn't be a Capcom party without some video games now would it? I was praying for some super exclusive showcase like Super Street Fighter 4 or Dead Rising 2 even if it was the E3 demo but alas my hopes were perhaps a little too high and they weren't there. However, we did have Lost Planet 2, Dark Void and Tatsunoku Vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars which are always good to see. To be honest I don't think many of us spent much time on Dark Void or Lost Planet 2 but the code of Dark Void they were showing was definitely a newer version than the one at the Eurogamer expo which looked a little rough around the edges. From what I saw it's definitely shaping up to be something you should at least keep an eye on. Lost Planet 2 is still looking great and I for one am really looking forward to it.

The main event game wise was definitely the Tatsunoku Vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars tournament. Dtoid UK put up a brave fight but alas we were defeated. GandySampras and Half Left made it through to the Semi-finals while Surplus Gamer and I battled through and were beaten in the Quarter-finals. I must admit I was a little upset I didn't put up more of a fight in my last round but I guess I just have to train harder!

Still getting to play TvC:UAS on a massive projector was still awesome

The real kick in the teeth though was the prize that the winner of the tournament received: a limited edition TvC:UAS hoodie signed by the producer Ryota Niitsuma. Congrats to the winner but dammit I wanted that hoodie so badly!

Throughout the day we were treated to videos that Capcom Japan had made for their European fans. All the big name developers including Keiji Inafune (Dead Rising 2), Jun Takeuchi (Resident Evil 5), Katsuhiko Ichii (R&D), Yoshinobi Ono and Blanka (Street Fighter 4), Hironobu Takeshita (Ghost Trick) and Minae Matsukawa (Last Ranker and Ace Attorney) made a video message for the fans. This is why I love Capcom so much. It was just a video message so they could have easily just done a quick hello and Merry Christmas video in the office but a lot of effort went into these clips. The locations were all different ranging from a canteen where one developer was eating Monster Hunter Ramen to a sound recording studio to inside Takeuchi-sans car while he was driving or to a massage parlor where Takeshita-san was having a message. They were quite long messages too, lasting at least 5-10 minutes each and they were genuinely funny and entertaining. The things they talked about ranged from development and personal stories to what they do at Christmas or as Takeuchi-san calls it: "Die Hard Season" (because he and his friends watch all the Die Hard movies back to back at Xmas). It's always good to see the quirky side of developers since when we normally see them, they are doing PR for their games. Capcom Japan do certainly seem a little crazy and that's why they are awesome.

Speaking of awesome, we have to mention a special lady at Capcom Europe. She's the Capcom Europe Community Manager and she goes by the name Tenebra on the Capcom forums.

Without her none of this would have happened. It was thanks to her that Capcom Japan made those videos and it was her who got all the prizes together and organised everything. Oh and she also gave us our invitations. She does a fucking lot for us when she really doesn't have to, especially since we're not technically part of the Capcom community. She always wears a smile, is a pleasure to talk to and we love her for being so amazing. Now since this is Dtoid UK, we don't do things half arsed. That's not how we roll. We had to get Tenebra a present to say thank you and merry Die Hard season. So what did we do? We commissioned our very own Dtoid artist Mikey to draw a special one of a kind master piece.

Better picture of the art piece here

Thank you for the drawing by the way Mikey, I think everyone will agree that it's perfect, it was a shame you couldn't have been there to hand it over personally. It's the little things we do like this that make me proud to be a member of the Destructoid Army and why I adore Dtoid UK. That and the sex is fantastic.

We ended the day on a festive note by filming a special video reply back to Capcom Japan where we all sang a zombie themed Jingles Bells tune because all game developers need a song to sing when they are hunting for brains. The lyric sheet can be seen below for festive cheer!

Once again I'd like to say a big thank you to Tenebra and everyone at Capcom Europe who always bring out the awesome! I know there's a few people who work behind the scenes as well who help make all these events possible so THANK YOU! Also a special thank you goes to Capcom Japan for taking the time out to speak to us lowly Europeans and another thank you to Dtoid UK for being ace.


P.S. After the Capcom party Dtoid UK went on a bit of a rampage so I'll add a few photos of win in the galley for you to see the sexy carnage. Alternatively check out the Dtoid UK flickr group

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