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How to waste time productively and TANKS!

I have been wading back into the plan of mining. I have had a mad idea to mine using a Badger. Now this is a idea I thought up as I lost my first big mining ship in seconds. My Badger I bought was designed to shift frigates to new locations when I had money to accumulate ships and then realised I would like to keep them in one place. Now my Badger can move 3 packaged Frigates. So mining is now a case of finding a 'valuable' rock on high-sec and mine the shit out of them. I just have to mine for ages to fill the cargo. Now this is making 200,000 ISK a trip.
To combat boredom. I am now playing other games. Hitting the weights and learning to programme in Android. It's great as I can play games I have on console. So I have won at Eve in that respect.

I'm also liking what I see in low-sec these days as I picked up a nice faster ship from my joining up some Pirates that never did owt. I have seen a lot more activity including a lot of fighting I just pass by. It's like having a gentle stroll in the middle of a riot or being in a gold fish bowl and getting the fuck away from the piranhas. But flying a Merlin to get around does not get any interest. So just run!

Also been playing the game: World of Tanks. Now I've given this a try and it's Freemium model is alien to me. I am given 500 gold. Which I can spend on special ammo and use to convert into money for certain upgrades but then there's gold required for certain tanks. It's bizarre. But I am enjoying the game itself. You play choosing a tank in the World War 2 era from either America, Germany or USSR (That's the Soviet Union to those late to the communist party) and you battle in a single round against random people in their tanks. It's a capture the base style game where you really should not get your tank destroyed. As you don't get your tank back until you end that battle. So it's requires tactics. But I like how tanks behave in a realistic way by rocking about when you come to a stop. Rolling over stuff will slow you down as tanks from the old days only had the advantage of not being destroyed by guns owned by soldiers... except if the soldiers had rocket launchers and panzershreks.
So far I have only managed to blow up a single tank on some games. So I have a lot to learn and need to earn more monies to get a nicer tank. But if you see me. I'm mistamunky. Just don't shoot me!
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