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wazz up fellow gamerz...i grew up during gamingz true heart beat...i refer ii the original console war of nintendo vs sega. The first game i ever beat waz Sonic the Hedgehog when i waz four yearz old and Streetz of Rage waz soon ii follow...Mario and Kirby alwayz had a special place in my home but i waz a true diehard Sega fan...once Final Fantasy VII came out my alligence gave sway ii Sony. I currently own a PS3 and a shiny new PS Vita and currently playing U-Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Vita), Soul Calibur 5 and Catherine. I consider myself a true gamer. Me being an 80'z born 90'z kidz i've watched the video game industry unfold into what it iz today...so yeah...i look forward ii getting into heated discuzzionz about video gamez via destructoid.