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The Papa Burch Photoshop contest winners


You can check out the submissions here and here. I showed them to my dad yesterday, and have picked the winners based solely on how much he laughed or said "that's cool" upon seeing them.

First place: Gibbo
Second place: CypherVR
Third place: QuantumZombie

I've got six prizes to choose from; the first place winner will get first pick of their top three, the second winner will get to choose two of the remaining three, and the third place winner will get the leftover. If you won, either send me an email (reverendanthony [at]gmail [dot]com) or post your email address in the comments and I'll get in touch with you. The available games are:

Quantum of Solace - 360
Resistance 2 - PS3 (in a jewel case)
Wario Land: Shake it - Wii
Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Xbox (the good version)
Nights - Wii
Still Life - PC

- -Anthony

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