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Mike Martin shared this in communicord and it's is perfectly made for me.


Hope y'all have had a good weekend and a good week ahead. You have to remember to find F. U. N. where you can.


I have discovered this gem of an album and my week is immensely better because of it.


You're thinking about how much you want to SUPERHOT, aren't you?


Superhot: Mind Control Delete is scratching every itch that I didn't realize I had since finishing the original.


This some good vibes for a Saturday morning during a pandemic.


No spoilers, but I like that SINoALICE is very upfront. I'm here for the sads, and by golly am I gonna get it.


Don't be like Huey. Huey was more of a villain than Skullface. Do you wanna be worse than Skullface? I didn't think so.


Settle an argument for myself and my girlfriend please. Is Flick eating the bugs he buys from you or does he just have a massive collection at his house?


If you wanna watch Dere and I along with his brother play some ranked Rocket League then come on over to the link in the comments. Edit: Streams over, thanks for those who came. Two of us are diamond dogs now, only I remain in scrub tier platinum. ;_;


It's Steam Sale time, you know what that means...time to buy more Grand Strategy DLC!


I feel like I've been posting a lot of cursed recently. Here, have my peak aesthetic. A thin veneer of poppy happiness that covers existential depression.


That scream you heard a bit ago was me pulling off this fluke of a pro goal.


Reminder that there could always be worse timelines.


I'm just gonna say it. I'm gonna put it in the comments though in case anyone doesn't want to have their day ruined or hate me even more than they already do. You have been warned.


The Iron Harvest demo confirms that I am still an old man unable to play RTS games. Boooooo. Here's hoping we get a 1920+ grand strategy down the line.


That lingering feeling of wondering "why can't there be nice things" that you're feeling today is because it's the 42nd anniversary of Garfield. Enjoy.


For some reason I'm hearing Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" in my ears right now...


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