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An Introduction and More Stuff You Probably Didn't Want to Know

Well hello there everyone. The nameís AnteMatter and Iím a 17 year old high school slack off who plays videogames. Iím fromÖ well letís just say ďThe South.Ē Iíve been visiting Destructoid for a while and recently began reading the c-blogs and Iím impressed with the material some of you guys produce. I want each and every one of you reading this to give yourself a pat on the back. Anyhow, I decided that I too would like to be part of this community and start writing blogs. I enjoy writing but do not usually get to write about things I enjoy as often as I like and one of those things are videogames. Since I already posted most of my gaming habits and stories in the About Me section I think the best thing to write about in my first blog post would be an origin story of how I discovered Destructoid. Itís not as interesting as the life of Teddy Roosevelt but I still hope you enjoy it anyway!

It all starts with me being terrible at videogames. Yes, as a young lad I thought it was a good idea to ignore all manuals and instead just play the game and try to learn all the tricks myself. Of course that was a terrible idea and I usually ended up stuck in most games. For instance, I didnít even know you can press up and B in the original Super Smash Bros. to help yourself to fall off edges for the first couple months I had the game. So the only way to help was either through cheat codes or strategy guides. Through a lot of searching I eventually stumbled unto to the website Gamespot. For the longest time, I only used Gamespot to find cheat codes and strategy guides, but after buying Pokemon Diamond, I decided to join the forums for trading and additional help.

And thatís really the first time I ever used the Internet for the sole purpose to talk to people. I had short lived accounts on other forums but I rarely used them and I usually just used them to ask questions or just make a comment. The thought of communicating with people I didnít know wasnít very appealing to me. But I oddly felt comfortable talking about Pokemon with anonymous people on the forum; probably because none of my other friends were interested in it. Eventually I ventured to the other parts of the forum, curious at what else was going on.

From there on out, I spent most of my time on the Wii sub-section of the forum. If it wasnít obvious by now, Iím a big fan of Nintendo. When the Wii was announced I leaped in joy. Finally, a home console that will be just as creative and fun as the Nintendo DS! I said to myself. I tried to talk to my friends about the possibilities but most had the mentality that the system would fail and no one would buy it. So, like a homeless puppy I went to the door of the Wii forum and whimpered until they took me in. Okay it wasnít that dramatic, but it was a nice place to talk about Wii games and the possibilities of future games. Everybody was considerate and treated everybody with respect. Oh, everyone but one person. There on that forum I met one of the greatest trolls of all time. Letís just call him J. He didnít act like any common troll however. His technique was so elegant. Every post he made seemed intelligent and well thought out. But he always had an opinion that was different than from what the majority of the forum had. Now, I know that itís not a problem to have differing opinions, but J made sure to talk about his opinion whether or not it was on subject to the thread at all and argue till the other party had quit. No thread could be made about either Super Smash Bros. Brawl or about online gaming without J making a snide comment on the apparently poor job Nintendo did making the game.

I despised J. All of my teenage hate was directed towards him. The more time I invested on the forum, the more J crawled underneath my skin. With my teenage foolishness I began to suspect that J was actually someone I knew and was posting on the thread to specifically annoy me. I still facepalm whenever I reminisce about the whole experience. I donít think I will ever forget the day when I realized that there was no point in trying to argue with J. I had spent most of the week doing school work, and when I had a little free time I thought I would look at what was going on in the forum. There at the very top was a thread created by him with a huge amount of posts. Curious, I decided to take a look. What I found still boggles my mind.

I donít remember the exact details of the thread, but he was trying to suggest that Nintendo thought Wind Waker was better than Twilight Princess by making Toon Link a better character than regular Link in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Now I should probably provide a little exposition. Twilight Princess was a sore subject with the Gamespot Wii forum. It was hyped greatly and had received an 8.8. I wasnít there when it happened but apparently it made a lot of people rage. So any mention of it being subpar would usually ignite some harsh feelings. I chuckled at this obvious flame bait. There would be no way anyone would take this seriously. But as I read some of the replies I was shocked. People didnít try to argue with his logic but kept trying to argue with his decision that Link was better than Toon Link. People would provide tier lists, pros and cons of each, but J would always reply that the strategy guide said Toon Link was better, and since the strategy guide was published by a company that works with Nintendo than it could never be wrong. He continuously back peddled out of the argument and only responded to those whose logic was as messed up as his. What had once been a sanctum of solidarity was destroyed due to a single crack.

I started to spend less time on the forum after that. I didnít see much point in it. I did venture into two other subsections of the forum: The System Wars, which was the subsection in which everyone Ďcomparedí consoles, and the Off-Topic subsection, which was where conversations not about videogames go. I learned two important things with my time at each forum. Sometimes people take videogames a little too serious and communities without trolls do exist. I felt completely unwelcome at the System Wars thread. Nintendo fans were generally ostracized and it seemed that someone would post a list of why Nintendo is a horrible company daily. They also took review scores a little too seriously. I remember one Xbox fan who posted the ending to MGS4 after it got a perfect 10. Thinking back on it, it was pretty humorous; someone sacrificing their account to become a martyr for a war against videogame consoles. The Off-Topic thread was the exact opposite, filled with nice and funny people and very welcoming. I eventually left Gamespot however. I just wanted to talk about videogames but the trolls ruined it for me. With nowhere else to go, I went where most gamers when looking to talk about videogames: Kotaku.

My time spent at Kotaku was very short lived and not very memorable. I was never noticed by anyone. I would try to start up conversations, would reply to almost any comment, and I even tried trolling (did a horrible job at it too). While I disagreed with Kotakuís practices and standards, I still didnít know of any other videogame websites. When they changed their site so that only starred comments appeared, I left. The one good thing that happened at Kotaku was the discovery of Destructoid. I donít remember what the article was about, but I do remember it linked back to Destructoid. I also remember some of the users lambasting the site. I decided to check the site out, and was highly entertained by the original articles. Iíve been reading the blogs for a few months and fell in love with some of the content you provide. And that basically explains why Iím here today!

Geez that came out longer than expected. Sorry, if itís a little sloppy, Iím not use to writing material suited for a blog but I think Iíll get the hang of it.

TL;DR: Hi there. Stuff happened and now Iím here.
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Hello World!
My nameís AnteMatter (not really but you get the point) or just Ante for short. I like videogames, you like videogames, we can relate. So how did I exactly get into gaming? Two words: Super Nintendo. I spent a lot of my childhood at a friendís house playing SNES games such as Kirby Superstar and Street Fighter II. Eventually my brother and I begged our parents enough to get one of our own. It was at this point in my life that I fell in love with a little game called Yoshiís Island. Ahhh nostalgia. We eventually upgraded to a N64 (I even sold my SNES to buy it which was probably the dumbest decision in my life!), unaware that our SNES was outdated for so long. I spent many days playing Super Smash Bros. and renting Paper Mario every other week. I also got a Gameboy Color around this time, where hours upon hours were spent playing Pokemon. Eventually I acquired a PS2, Gamecube, NDS, Wii, and that pretty much sums up what I have now.

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