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Custom Ikaruga Gamecube Cover!

If you read one of my previous blogs, youíd know that I was depressed and annoyed over the fact that anyone with an Xbox 360 could get their hands on Ikaruga for a mere 8 bucks or so, while I kicked myself for selling my Gamecube copy to a friend 5 years back when my Gamecube broke, before anyone had any idea about the Wii.

Well, that friend is an asshole and refused to sell back that which is rightfully mine, so another couple friends of mine banned together and actually ordered a copy off of eBay for me, as a late birthday gift. I got it just the other day, and itís amazing how much I remembered from playing it 5 years ago, how intimately familiar I still was with it.

There was just one problem: The game did not come in its proper case, nor did it have an instruction manual. All I got was the disc itself in a green CD case. That bugged me a little, but I was just happy to have a copy to play. Ever tenacious, my friends got a free Gamecube disc case from the manager of the only cool Gamestop weíve ever been in. It was formerly the case for Sonic Riders, heh.

But still, no cover? What was I to do? Well, I made my own:

(Click here for larger version)

Oh yeah, I totally fucked up, multiple times, but I donít think itís too shabby. Plus, this is the first piece of art Iíve done for myself since finishing up a horrible online watercolor painting class, the first thing Iíve painted in a long time that wasnít a landscape or goddamn still-life, so thatís nice.

Hereís a lousy pic of it in the case, pardon my horrible bedspread:

I still wish I had an instruction booklet, and I wish I could get back my Airflow Gamecube controller, but for now, Iím just having fun struggling to make it more than 30 seconds into the third level of one of the greatest videogames ever.

Well, whaddya think?
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