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Hello Destructoid! :)

This being my first blog ever in my whole life I humbly ask that people take it easy on me! I'd been thinking of writing one for a while but sometimes I hate the internet so much I wasn't sure how much I wanted to be a part of it... Anyway here I am. What's done is done.

I'm a girl gamer, I love Destructoid, its writers and personalities, and thats why I'm here pretty much. I live in Burnaby, B.C. and work at a game studio here. One day it is my dream to have enough money to make it to E3. (LOL, it'll probably happen when I'm 80, and I'll walk around pissing off all the young people because I'm blocking something interesting, or walk too slow, or stairing at them disgustedly because those games are nothing compared to the games of MY time, cause you know, that's what old people do...). I actually went to school for making/designing games. All my learnings were for naught as they could probably get a monkey to do my job, a monkey with exceptional typing skills.

Anyway... some game type things! I read about two irritating things of late. First the whole Activision sueing kindly game makers making awesome metal games that will surely be fun and entertaining and something that many many people have be looking forward to (huzzah run on sentence ftw!). I hate money. It makes people - the good, the bad and the ugly alike - do awful shithead, dick moves. Like, SERIOUSLY. I know from experience that many of the people making the big decisions, or at least a lot of the ones that involve money, are not gamers, possibly never will be. They don't really give two turds about the gaming community as long as they keep tossing their money at them. Therefore I just think its a shame that Activision are acting like sore losers. Sure they are entitled to some of what they're claiming, but seriously. Could you at least be a little more... I dunno, AWARE, that gamers are a fickle race? I mean you make one questionable move and their up in arms. And on that note!

L4D2! Why the anger!? I love L4D! I have no arguments about a second one being made. If everyone was williing to pay for L4D, and liked it, I see no reason to freak out because a second one is being made. It was only announced a few days ago. All I heard was that it will exist and be available in Nov. and have some new content weapons, characters, levels, etc. How is it that everyone seems to have crazy Valve ESP and just instantly knows that, even though they've promised to support L4D, promised more DLC, etc. that they're just not going to do it, rub it in the faces of their fans and then force feed them L4D2 with its evil bright lights and fiddle music. Seriously, whoever came up with that list should have just stopped at three points... Common sense doesn't exist anymore I guess, at least not on the internet. Despite how much I enjoy being angry and EMO about things, the creation of a new L4D game does not cause me to feel those things. Angry fanboys and girls do, at least when its for ridiculous reasons.... Perhaps Valve brought this upon themselves after spoiling the TF2 players with all the free DLC. But its no excuse for all the gamers to just complain because they'll have to pay for something that is worth money... Yes people did work on what you will see in Nov. They have families, stomachs, and mostlikely the urge to play games they like. Give them a break. You want Valve to keep making games? Pay them money. The shitty green stuff makes the world go round. Internet petitions make me sick...

That's all for now I guess. I'll be back when I remember... Maybe... Also when I get more internet savvy and figure out how to personalize this more. :) Laters and HELLO AGAIN DESTRUCTOID!
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