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Effing phone...EMO!!!!!!!

Somehow, between yesterday and today, the number of my cell phone got changed to a bunch of zeros and some other random numbers. Joyous. And since my phone is still on a family plan I dont have the magic password that will allow me to ask them to fix it. Rubbish is what this is. I'll have to wait till my parents get home from partying it up so I can call (on my sister's phone) and ask them for assistance. Bugger...

So I've been getting some questions on life as a QA tester. I shall answer them now instead of posting comments to myself. QA testing can be good. I currently work as a contractor so I get paid peanuts, but it's decent, and the way the industry is, at least in Vancouver, I'm just happy I have a job. Where I'm working now there was a good number of layoffs during the winter, so there is a shit-ton of people jobless and more talented than me out there looking for work.

QA testing, and the game industry in general has a good deal more politics than I thought it would. There's a lot of egos to deal with (even from the lowly dregs of QA), a lot of smelly people also, but I'm used to that after college... Where I'm working they have a lot of title's in production at the same time, however I've been on the same one for two years. Generally if you get good at finding bugs on a certain game, they like to keep you around, on that team, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Testing games is not all fun and games. Like I said. The egos can really get in the way. In a company this big, there's a lot of miscommunication, from all directions. But everyone here is generally pretty cool. We're all nerds, and we're all pretty easy going. Surprisingly enough they can be really strict with testers at times. You don't find enough, you fall asleep at your desk, YOU FIRED. Course some people do slip through the cracks.

Anyway thats life testing games. Today we played soccer for a team building exercise. IT WAS AWESOME! I didn't get kicked 5 times in the ankle and end up with a big bruise there for 3 weeks like last time! I think the first time I just took everyone by surprise cause they thought "oh she's just a girl, she wont actually try to do stuff cause girls are afraid of getting hurt (which I am)". So they would kick as hard as they could and I'd stick my leg out and get kicked in the ankle. But in doing so I was able to steal the ball from them almost everytime which made me awesome defense YEAH! :D. Goooooooo SOCCER!

Other than that... I like Persona 4 AND 3 however I've only watched my sister play 3 so I didn't wanna say it was a favorite game since I haven't actually played it. Anyway, I'm at the final month/boss/thing dealy in Persona 4 and I can't bring myself to finish it. I just don't wanna grind for a game-time-month in order to level up enough to fight that thing. I just... don't. I just want it to be over, I want the ending. I dont' wanna fight the same monsters and listen to the same dungeon music over and over and over. One day when I'm really really bored and have nothing better to do/play I may get it over with, but for now Persona 4 and I are on a break. This isn't to say I didn't like the whole rest of the game. I totally loved it. I just, ugh, grinding.... Its why I have to make my sister play the first part of FF XII for me. I can't fucking stand it! I love the rest (I <3 Basch). Just yeah. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

That's all for today. If I don't report in over the weekend, hope you all enjoy yours! Get some sun if you can! Just don't get heat stroke! I did that yesterday...
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