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I really don't get the hate for the "Share" button on the PlayStation 4.

If you haven't heard about the Share button, here's a rundown: The PlayStation 4 will have cloud gaming and live broadcasting built right into it. You will be be able to broadcast your games and even play games remotely over the  cloud. People on your friends list, and anyone else you allow, will not only be able to chat with you or see you on a webcam, but will also be able to watch you play your games (and even remotely play games on your console) using streaming features built right into the PS4, without to buy hundreds of dollars in video capture equipment. You'll be able to save fun moments from your gaming with one press of the Share button, and have a video clip saved to the cloud and even instantly posted to your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Many of the initial responses to this have been negative, and this boggles my mind. Because I think that if it is implemented will, it will be HUGE.

I watch live gaming broadcasts on Twitch all the time. One of the kinds of casts I often watch (the HAWP cast comes to mind) is one person playing a game while chatting with a bunch of their friends on Skype, Mumble, Ventrilo, etc. It's odd that the people who do this are often the same people scoffing at the PS4's Sharing features, even though it's EXACTLY the same thing they're doing, but built right into the PS4. They claim they won't want other people bugging them while they play a game... while they are broadcasting a game TO THE ENTIRE WORLD and talking to people via VoIP or chat rooms.

The next thing they usually complain about is the "let your friend take over the controls if you get stuck in a hard part of the game" feature. They're complaining as if people are going to do this AGAINST YOUR WILL. I'm  going to take a wild crazy stab in the dark and predict that "take over someone's controls without their permission" is not going to be a default setting on the PS4. Sure it's a feature many would  never use, but it's  technically impressive and impressing people with the tech was the whole point in even bringing it up.

Maybe many of you have zero interest in broadcasting your games, not even to your friends. But to think it's some feature nobody's going to use is just shortsighted. I have a bunch of real life friends on Xbox Live, but I rarely play with them because they don't play the same multiplayer games I do. But it would be nice to watch one of my friends play Skyrim while talking about our day at work, or watch a bunch of friends play a poker game even though I'm not joining in. I can't imagine I'm the only one who would love doing that.

I have used the OnLive cloud gaming service, and while it was still rough around the edges (especially the input lag that still existed even with my high-speed connection), it had the same casting/spectating abilities the PS4 will have. If Sony improves upon what OnLive started, their built-in Sharing could possibly be the next Achievements - a simple, seemingly forgettable little feature that takes over gaming.

So that's my opinion on the Share button, and why I'm not joining in the hate. If you think I'm wrong, drop me a line or two in the comments.
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