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Rumour: Zombie DLC coming to GTA IV?


Over at the Rockstar Games Social Club website a new Eugenics Inc. ad has sprung up detailing a quarantine of the company's compound due to an outbreak of a contagious disease. Located in Bohan Eugenics Inc. is a physical location in the GTA IV world, but is yet to play any part in the story of GTA IV. Microsoft previously confirmed an autumn release for the first set of DLC and this advertisement hitting the web at this point seems to fit ever so nicely. Of course that could just be the immense desire I have for zombies to play a part in every single gaming gaming experience, but hey, here's hoping.

Quarantine: Contagious Disease
Nobody shall enter or leave the premises without the proper documentation issued by Eugenics Inc. No person, except authorized agents or employee of Eugenics Inc. shall either destroy or remove this sign. Anyone violating these regulations will be arrested and prosecuted by the proper authorities. By order of the LCPD and Eugenics Inc

Now that all the excitement, etc seems to have petered out for GTA IV, would this make you pick the game back up and play? Or would you be looking forward to a more traditional mission based DLC package?

EDIT: Looks like great mind's think alike, Nick Chester just posted this frontpage so go check it out.
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