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Gaming: Sport or No?

Now I'm sure this has been an argument that has gone on for a long while. I'd be lying if I said I was aware a Major League of Gaming even existed. However, after it was brought to my attention that such a thing exists the answer wasn't s...


Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Review

Well, for the few fans of this franchise, it has been a LONG time coming...but alas we have our sequel to probably two of the most intriguing anti-heroes in gaming. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days makes no apologies about what it stands for,...


Top 10 Video Game Trailers

I won't waste the time explaining how impactful a video game trailer could be in getting you into purchase mode. These were the top 5 trailers that had the most effect on me...and are just flat-out enjoyable. 10) The Darkness 9) Mort...


Top Ten Games of the Decade

This will be a much debated topic i'm sure. Here are the rules, only one game per franchise (can't put an original and sequel together in the same list, so choose wisely.) Also, give a reason as to why you feel the game chosen deserves to b...


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Current Favorite Movies: Thor, Sherlock Holmes

Favorite Consoles: SNES, PS2

Favorite Gaming Genres: RPG's, Action Adventure, Action Platformers

All-Time Favorite Game: Tie Between RE2 and Mass Effect

Gaming History:
It started with the Atari 2600 and has continued through the PS3 and XBOX 360. I was raised into gaming and have made it an integral part of my daily routine. I remember my first gaming experiences as clear as any other stand out event of my life. I remember playing Pole Position and Donkey Kong. Being so young but still realizing how utterly disappointing Ghostbusters was for the Atari.

Gaming has finally hit the mainstream. Video Game premiers are no different than movie premiers now a days. Look at the massive events held for Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, and Uncharted 2. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of how far its risen. I love video games. More-so the more vintage games which relied on imagination and building fascinating worlds and experiences for the player than those which simply look to follow a trend.

I have strong feelings toward the more recent trends in gaming which appear troubling to me. Haha look more blogs on such things soon enough.

However, as it stands, I'm a gamer. A true gamer that understands what makes a fine game. It goes beyond graphics or bits or idiotic console fanboy wars. Gaming is about immersing yourself in another world. It's about striking your imagination, and giving you an experience that'll remain in your memory.