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Why? An Open Letter to Bethesda

Dear Bethesda, Why? Why did you let this happen? There was a time, back in my youth, when I worshiped you! You were a god descended before me with a magical touch and sparkling brilliance. I remember back to when it all began, when I firs...


An Ode to Super Realism

This one's a bit pretentious. Full of stuffy, thought heavy ideas and worse, no pictures! Grand Theft Auto V is all in vogue but alas, as a stanch PC gamer, Rockstar hates me with a passion that cannot be understood. Years of late games, f...



So I wrote up a review for The Shivah, then I noticed that this website had just put one up. Then I did my notes for Risk of Rain... only to notice there was a review already. I wish I got games two weeks before so I could do reviews of new...


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