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RE: No More Heroes means no more blood in Europe

How about this..... We, as a people, need to stop sitting back and letting authorities think they are not accountable to their actions. People, like members of the BBFC who "know" that only children play games, think that they are more mo...


Oh come on! (a response to the new Naruto game)

Well.... another awesome looking Naruto game that has the shittiest dubbing ever. I watch the original Japanese, and by God it was awesome! Ninja's! Explosions! More Ninjas! What's not to love? Then I heard that Naruto was coming to the ...



Hmph. People don't seem to appreciate range any more... I admit, I am a bit in the Nintendo camp, mostly because it's what I grew up with. However, that doesn't mean I don't love an Okami, a World of Warcraft, or a Halo. People...


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