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Holy Crap!

In regards to this article. Not directly related, but just my feelings on Hardcore Console Gamers. Went to a "Focus Group" last night for an unreleased game that happened to be a game where you shot people from a first person perspective, ...


EA Store...

Woke up, dragged my butt into work, sat down and remembered... "Hey, doesn't Spore Creature Creator come out today?" Web browser, Yeah Firefox 3, great looking program. Website: http://eastore.ea.com Result: I guess a million plus user...


Alone In The Park? Centraldark.com live...

http://www.centraldark.com/ Looks like Alone in the Dark has got it's URL groove thing going. Looking forward to seeing this game. I like the idea of combining items to complete certain tasks. I only hope it doesn't turn out to be a puzzl...


Pre-Order Dungeons & Desktops Today!

via Armchair Arcade: Matt Barton has a new book on the history of Computer Role Playing Games (CRPG) called Dungeons & Desktops, and it's now available for pre-order at Amazon.com. The book talks about a lot of games, has interviews wit...


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First Home Console Game?
Combat (Atari 2600)

Best Game from First System?
Adventure (Atari 2600)

Worst Console?

Worst Game?
Skydiver (An EA "Gonzo" game, back before casual had the right marketing, I think PC Gamer gave it a 13/100)

Most $ Spent on a Console?

Favorite Game?
System Shock 2 (AKA, Bioshock, but better), Portal quickly gaining ground, EverQuest as well.

Best Humor?
Sam & Max, Psychonauts, DotT, Monkey Island, Tim Schafer.

Easiest way to kill a day?
Civilization, or any Sid Meiers game.

Scariest Game?
Silent Hill or Fatal Frame, and Resident Evil.

Best non-Destructoid Website?

Best MMO?
Dragonrealms or EQ1

Most Recent game played for each system owned?
The Last Ninja (Atari 2600)
Adventure II (Atari 5200)
Archon (Atari 800, repurchase)
Sundog: Frozen Legacy (Atari ST)
Earthbound (SNES)
Aliens Vs. Predator (Jaguar)
Lord of the Rings Online: The Shadow of Angmar (PC)
Guitar Hero 80s (PS2) (Sad)
SSBB (Wii)
Rock Band (XBox 360)

Currently hating on?
Halo 3, just about everything Nintendo, Microtransactions, lack of hacking for Microtransactions and lack of easy cheating in MMOs like LotR:O. Where are the free bots people?