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My Thank You Letter To D-Toid(Belated birthday celebration and a credit-like list)

I am very happy to wish D-Toid a happy 2nd anniversary and Mr. Gonzalez, a very happy 30th B-Day. I know I am very late with this but good things take time.
Let me explain how I came to know D-Toid. Last year in late September, I had attended the Ziff-Davisís New York technology convention known as Digital-Life. On the last day of the show, I saw a guy in a Destructoid T-Shirt playing Guitar Hero 3. I had blogged about some small things like my special achievements that I received from the game Skate. I noticed it and we began to converse on topics ranging from every home consoleís major flaws to why one should never play POP:WW (stupid Godsmack song). We talked for about an hour and then the show had ended. It was such a great conversation, I felt inspired to be a much more active member of this community and contribute in any way that I could.
Since that time, I have provided this community with a great deal of info (especially on what maybe the greatest party game ever, Rock Band) and hosted several games for the communityís Friday Night Fight events. In such a short time, I was able to talk with and get to know some tremendous people. From Atheistium and Ascythopicism , Butmac and Demios, DVD and Phist, Rio and Tazar, to Steel Squirrel and Zero Tolo and the countless people who I have played with online and have added me to their friends list, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and companionship.
During the NY Narp, I saw greatness of this community first hand and met many great people. I will continue to be an active contributor to this community. I will try to improve my writing and contribute more than just news. I have been told on many occasions that I am a creative writer and I am going to do my best to live up to those expectations.
Now, it is time for a credit-like list to thank this great community. Warning, it is long.
Atheistium is Samuel L. Jacksonís Secret Lover.

Ascythopicism: Say your name five times fast.
Butmac, you definitely need to play more Viva Pinata.
Demios: I look forward to playing Rock Band with you and the rest of the EU, soon.
DVD: I came back from the future and Part 478 was the pinnacle of the series.
Phist: Thank you for the excellent trip. I had an excellent time with you and the rest of the group
Rio: Hats off to you and your excellent artwork. I look forward to you playing RB with you again.
Tazar: Send him to Cancun
Mxy: Your name is name is easier to say Ascythopicism.
Suffocating Sight is Raw.
Steel Squirrel: Come back home, please .
Snaileb: It has been an honor and a pleasure to host FNF games and I will continue to do so..
Ronaldo Workmeng is an elderly man. Myspace does not lie.
CTZ and Chad: Sharks and Dolphins are pathetic against the awesome might of the Whale.

Colette: Mmmmmm, plastic
Topher: The resident toy master.

Unstoppable Juggernaut: Good luck to you. I hope, like your D-Toid handle states, that you remain unstoppable. Everyone here at D-Toid is rooting for you, Juggs.

Mid3vol: Polar>Panda
-D-: Moar Prince

Itemforty: If you can make me a D-Toid version of Jack Bauer, you will have created the most unstoppable force on the internet
Lark Oliva: Your NARP pales in comparison to the NY Narp.

Just Kidding, all D-Toid Narps are created equal.
Nick Chester, thanks for running a good ship/
Casualweaponry: I am looking forward to meeting you at VGL. Also, prosthetics FTL
Grim: You owe me a game of Undertow.
Butterflies and Hurricanes:

Dj Duffy:


NihonTiger 90 and Sadie G: R.Mika>Cammy and Chun-Li
Cheeburga: As long as itís not two Celebis doing it.
Gameboi, Confirmed for the PS3 only.
Electrobes and Little Burro: Where are you?
Ceark: This better not find its way into the fail list.
Samit: Letís Go Mets! Letís Go Mets!
Petie Pal is just a wannabe Soprano
Puppetpallmich: Just got beat up by a plastic Sam Jackson
Reapear: is a Photoshooping wizard
Electro Lemon: He like Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis rolled into one person.
Balth: He makes my head explode with every post
Heretic and 007: Keepers of the flame
BFeld: I am gonna miss Scrubs too.
Chronosblade is a Teksican
Clockwork: Why so Serious?
Harrassment Panda: Mid3vol would love you.
Blindside Dork: Iíve heard about this game called Super Smash Bros. Brawl, have you?
GameGoblin: Pimping the Autobots
Genki Jam, needs to recite the Vagina Monologues in the Bill Cosby voice
Necros, King3vbo, CharlieSuh, and Yashoki: Casting the Fail since a couple of months ago. Keep up the good work.
Dexter 345: Sw33t like candy
RockVillian: if thatís what you do for Advent, I wonder what Holy Week is going to be like.
Kyle Gamee and The Ghost: Keep those forums alive and well.
Virtual Girl: A Rising Star for us and Good luck to you and your many projects.
I keed, I keed.

Anus Mcphanus: Iíve got Rock Band and you donít
Takeshi: Makes excellent Brownies
Phoenix Blood: is a her, her has two arms, two legs, four noses and a mouth and boobtendos
Justice has the coldest stare around these parts.
Tiff: I am going to try a hire a guy to build the strongest Pillow Fort this world has ever seen.
Nex and Faith: We miss you, I hope for the best with your future endeavors. I am looking forward to reading your epic novel
Knives and Z-serv: You won the BOTRB Contest. I will discuss this with you further at another
Aerox and Caffeine Powered are locked into an eternal struggle where they must argue with each other usung points and counter-points.
John Holmes or Tron Knotts: Currently preparing the Mario Kart Wii week-long blog countdown.
Wardrox: Iíve heard of you but for some strange reason I canít read your blog
Jim Sterling: Mr. Monocle Man, do not worry,the European gamers will get respect from the industry, someday.
Fronz: Plays mind games with me every week

JJ Rage: Respect Knuckles forever
Dan Gale: I found more info on Goldeneye for the X360.

Just Kidding, Dan
Yojimbo: The wise sage of D-toid Age=Wisdom
Neonie: I mis sepll things to.
BahamutZero: Thanks for the nightmares, man.
EternalDeathSlayer aka Whiteboy aka Kobewan aka Regis aka Jim Cramer aka Coach Z aka your long lost cousin.
Arrested Developer: I really like your poems.
They really are funny.
I would pay you for your efforts.
But I have very little money.
Blank: Those new maps are going to be good.
Agent Moo: Thank you for creating such a fun game.
EternalDarkWing: Moar Alan Keyes

Excremento: Good luck to you and the weird family that you have.
Gamejew: Sing on
GuitarAtomik: I <3 ďI Kill PixlsĒ
LostCrichton: My munny is on you to win another contest
Rev: Donít let them get keep you down.
Sam Spectre: cue applause
Rorshach: Reganzilla tears walls down.

Velcroman: I prefer marshmallow hot dogs.
Tino: You are a lucky man. I want to know your contacts, NOW!
Surf 315: I enjoy your writing a great deal. Keep up the good work.
Teta: Your avatar is constantly distracting from your beautiful artwork.
Cowzilla: Lincoln maybe leet but Millard Fillmore owns all.
Agent Cheiftian is looking to put a patent on the spin mechanic for EBA.
Pro. Pew: facepalm, right back at ya.
Mr. Wilson: Gemma Atkinson has just put a restraining order out for you. Lucky for you, you live nowhere near Britain.
Big Popa:

Mix: Everybody, move your feet and feel united, ohhhh.
BuckFitches: I bet you canít kill 100 of them.
3r0t1c n3rd: Using more l33t speak than any person should.
MechaMonkey: Jack Thompson kneels before your might.
SuperBeefy: Bill Cosby rides a Jellocopter eating Jew Bagels
ZeroTolo: Scoops
Jared Rea, Cheapy D, and Luc Bernard and to the many other gaming personalities: Thank you for contributing your incite to this amazing site.
Last but not least: Wiisucks: You will always be, at least, 4 out of 10 Firetrucks.
For the rest of the people here at D-Toid: Keep pushing things forward

We are all happy to celebrate the anniversary of this site. Niero, you have allowed all of us to contribute and be part of the success of this site. It is like having 4,000 Voltrons working together to make the Internet a more entertaining place. There is only one thing left to say: This site is so Pringles.

If you want to be on the list, leave a comment and I will update the list with more members.
BTW, the kid the I met at Digital-Life, was future D-Toid sports game writer, Samit Sarkar.
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