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Aaamaazing: F*cking Up In MASS EFFECT 2

(This article discusses aspects of MASS EFFECT 2's plot in the vaguest way possible to avoid spoilers, but it inevitably reveals details you might prefer not to know before playing it. It's recommended you've played MASS EFFECT 2 before you...


Teh Bias: A Black And White World Of Wonders

"Bias", most popular word in the Idiot Fanboy Dictionary (wherein they define it as "Jim Sterling"), is an inherently bad thing deeply-rooted in human nature: defined by thefreedictionary.com as "mental tendency or inclination, esp an irr...


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I'm a Brazilian bastard who writes and draws a webcomic called PITCH BLACK and other things that you can mostly find on my website.

I love narrative arts: movies, books, comics and games are always involved in every day of my life.