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I just found out that there is/was a german metal band called... Chinchilla... Yeah, put down everything, life can't be any more perfect than this! (They play pretty solid metal, but yeah, Chinchilla... would love to shout that during a concert)


When you have to move to another place and carry all your stuff, you will realize the true values or rather weight of your collection. I mean, I love my books and games, but damn, bringing them down from the third floor was not a fun thing to do.


After the beta of Battlefield 5 and now watching their "roadmap", I must say, that after 15 years, 2018 will be the first when I'm not buying an FPS from Activision or EA. This is an end of a tradition and it does make me a bit sad.


A few hours into RDR 2 and I must say, its not just the graphics that rope me in, but the writing, the music, the voice-acting, the overall feel of it! And yes, I did spent time watching horse balls. #getaprostateexam


In only 1,5 hours, Red Dead Redemption 2, with its day one patch, is on my PS! Switching discs was real nostalgic. Now, just a short 12 hour work shift and I can try it. This is gona be a long 12 hours, fellers!


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