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Let's talk about sex!


No, not Salt-N-Pepa style (look it up, kids) and also, not about the birds, the bees and the automobiles, or how that stuff go. This little writing is about the future! If you stick around here, then you will have the chance to read my thoughts regarding movies, series and whatnot. During that I'll make a certain point very often. It goes something like this: there is way, way too much unnecessary sex in movies and TV shows.

Let's get a broader picture! I don't identify as a prude person, in fact I do believe that showing your affection to one another on the streets is completely natural... to a point. I mean five minutes of french kissing or straddling your loved one and humping him/her is a tad bit over the top and should be kept out of bus stops or grocery stores, but a kiss here and there, holding each other and fooling around a bit is a good thing and seeing couples like that does bring a warm smile to my face. And what you do in the bedroom, with an adult who is willing to do whatever with you... that's up to you people. Ain't no way I want to stop anyone having fun, as long as it is consensual. So yes, I think I'm not prude. Maybe a bit old fashioned? Who knows? Really! Who? Tell me!

Moving on!

I also have no illusion, I know that sex sells products. You want to advertise for man? Show'em some big ol' breasts! The people on the cover of magazines and billboards are not looking sexy in order to make you think: That's how I want to look on my 2 year old's birthday party. For advertising, praying on people's fears or desires works the best. Sometimes its the same thing. What I wanted to say, and got sidetracked a bit, is that I understand why showrunners and producers introduce more and more sexual content. It sells. There will be people buying certain movies on Blu-rays to see certain actors/actresses naked in them. What I don't like is using it in a cheap fashion!

For a specific example I'll talk about Altered Carbon, without spoilers (I'll write more about it, after I finish it). There is a character in it, who mourns the loss of his most beloved, the only woman he truly cared for. His life is bleak, everything is meaningless without her. And by episode five, he has sex with three different woman, all the while only thinking about that lost one. So, okay. The basic concept is a cliche, but a good one. A good writer can make a very strong story about how said character starts over and lets himself be happy again. Maybe even find a new love. In Altered Carbon? They said F that!

When the second woman tells him that she has magical vagina juice, I stopped the episode and banged my head into the wall a few times. It was ridiculous! And we talking about explicit scene here. Like 90's late night stuff. The things twelve year olds used to stay up for and watch behind their parents back (or maybe that was just me). I don't know if the writers are idiots or they think that the viewers are. The third woman becomes the guys new love interest, after zero meaningful conversation, not to mention that said woman has a love of her life as well.

Zero character development, zero real emotions, but lots of one night stands, explicitly shown, some of which are meant to be signes of eternal love. This is lazy writing, and it might be rated M, but it's sure as heck not mature content. And situations like this are getting to be the new norm, especially in Netflix shows.

I'm not saying that sex should be left out of TV. Definetly no, and it should be a part of our characters everyday life, as it is very much a big part of reality. What I want is genuine, well written relationships, between developed characters. Also, it's not a problem if someone wants to make porn or erotic movies. Believe me, I support that industry, but that does not mean that I want porn in my sci-fi, or action, or drama series. Make us feel that the characters love each other, let us know that they had sex, but please, don't try to justify minutes of PG 13 humping by calling it mature or groundbreaking or realistic. It isn't. It is lazy writing, nothing more. One romp in the sack should not be an acceptable substitute for real drama and emotions.

I know that 99% of you won't agree with me and that is fine. The biggest point of the previous lines was to make you understand why I'll condemn series and movies for this kind of behaviour. I think we deserve better and should not let our inner twelve year olds take over in this matter.


- My blog? No! Why would I want you to read it? Baka! Say Horus again! Say Horus again! I dare ya! I double dare you, heretic! Say Horus one more time!

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